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But even more interesting is the door transmedia storytelling opens up for social change cause outreach. Nonprofits and creators of social change media have a challenge in making their content “sticky” and, in a crowded field with limited funding or distribution channels, it takes significant resources and expertise to create audience awareness and inspire action. There is a real and distinct opportunity for activists to raise awareness and influence action by distributing content through a multiplatform approach, particularly in which people participate in media creation.

Looking at this issue in the simplest of terms, “transmedia activism” is one of the best ways to have people connect to a cause, by exposing them to a variety of media properties over various distribution channels—which opens up avenues for dialogue and provides an audience an educational experience about workable solutions—and then working with the most creative and engaged audience segment to facilitate the creation of their own content that further explains the cause and inspires action around it.