"Here’s the Latest Edition of the TDGA Radio and Television Glossary of Terms and Definitions

The Traffic Directors Guild of America, better known in the Industry as TDGA, is proud to be the only Trade Association dedicated to the enrichment and enhancement of Traffic personnel in the Radio and Television Industry.

Our membership includes a wide range of personnel from Traffic, Management, Sales, Programming and the ancillary businesses serving the business functions of Broadcasting. Commercial and Public Broadcasting from small independent standalone stations to the largest group broadcasters and Radio & TV Networks are represented by our ever-growing membership. If you’re not familiar with TDGA, perhaps we can sum our Association up by quoting its Mission Statement: “To foster pride in our unique profession, and to promote the contributions we provide to the Radio and Television Broadcasting Industry. The Traffic Directors Guild seeks to enhance our member careers through information, cooperative services and education.”

We are proud of the latest revision of our Radio & TV Terms and Definitions Glossary, which includes a collaborative effort by Broadcasters, Traffic Software Vendors, State Broadcast Associations and many national Broadcast Associations. We are indebted to each of them for their contributions to this Industry publication."

Via Stefano KaliFire