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ASTI: Results of the 2012-2013 Entrance Examinations Just Released – by Charles Tiayon

Cameroon’s Minister of Higher Education has just released the results of the 2012-2013 entrance examinations into the MA in Translation and the MA in Interpretation of the University of Buea....!
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Admissions into the Translation and Interpreting Programmes of ASTI: 10 more days to go for the submission of files

In conformity with the Minister of Higher Education’s earlier announcement of the 2012 admissions into the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI) of the University of Buea, interested candidates are hereby reminded that the entrance examinations into the MA in Translation and the MA in Interpretation of the School will be held as follows:

25-26 September 2012: MA in Translation (Venues: University of Buea and ENS-Yaounde);
02-03 October 2012: MA in Interpretation (Venue: University of Buea).
The deadline for the submission of files (either through the Ministry of Higher Education in Yaounde or directly to ASTI, Buea) is now on 21 September 2012.

Read more:!
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La Facultad de Traducción acoge las pruebas para trabajar como traductor de las Naciones Unidas - Salamanca - La Gaceta de Salamanca

R.D.L. Trabajar para las Naciones Unidas es, sin duda, el sueño de muchos alumnos de Traducción y de otras titulaciones relacionadas con las lenguas, las relaciones internacionales y el derecho. Por eso, la celebración este martes en la Facultad de Traducción del examen de acceso de la ONU convocó a cerca de ochenta personas procedentes de todas partes del país.

La Facultad de Traducción de la Universidad de Salamanca es uno de los dos centros examinadores de la ONU en España, el otro está en Madrid, lo que pone de manifiesto el importante papel que ocupa esta facultad a nivel internacional.!
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When will there be a new translation contest? (Fun with

Discussion among translators, entitled: When will there be a new translation contest?.!
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Deaf News Today: Questionable Hire for Interpreting

Questionable Hire for Interpreting
Arkansas state officials met with members of the deaf community today to discuss why an interpreter was given a state job with Arkansas Rehabilitation Services even though she has no national certification. Just last week, representative John Burris of Harrison questioned her qualifications at a legislative committee hearing. The unnamed woman scored seventh out of nine applicants on a written test and was not able interpret a video of someone using ASL. Six of the other candidates do have national certifications, but were passed over. The woman does have a certification - as a funeral director. She's worked at one for a decade owned by Bill Walker - the State Workforce Director who directly supervises the man who approved the hire. She was hired in January, but did not serve as an interpreter for any Arkansas Rehabilitation Service clients during her first 6 months on the job. Here's a video report from KATV which says "the chosen candidate may not have even applied for the job...or if she did it was past the deadline."!
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More than just a test of foreign-language skills |Society |

Every year, an increasing number of students take an English-language test so they will be eligible to study abroad. They find these tests more difficult than those in Chinese.!
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UPSC Civil Services Mains exam syllabus: Telugu

The complete syllabus of Telugu for the UPSC Civil Services Mains exam.!
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Reading Comprehension - Preliminary Techniques |

Reading Comprehension tests your ability to go through material that may or may not be familiar to you and then answer questions based on your understanding of the material, in a limited amount of time. The actual motive behind including RC passages in MBA entrance exams is that managers need to go through large volumes of texts in a short period of time. Reading the text and understanding what is given directly may not be enough. There may be certain hidden inferences in the passages that need to be identified. Now to comprehend a passage accurately and with reasonable speed, you have to prepare yourselves and practise.

The best way is to read as much as you can. But there are a few things that are to be kept in mind that would enable you to grasp the content in the passage faster and answer the questions in a better way. Answering the questions require something in addition to comprehending the passage successfully. We would be looking at a few such techniques.!
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Preparing for the BEI Trilingual Interpreting Performance Exam

The Interpreter’s Rx, a resource originally designed for training Spanish-English medical interpreters, can instead be used to help you prepare for the trilingual-interpreting performance exams given by the Texas Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI). Currently, these exams—the “Trilingual Advanced” and the “Trilingual Master” —are the only known standardized performance exams to test a candidate’s abilities in interpreting English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Unfortunately, very few if any materials have been produced to train trilingual interpreters for either real-life interpreting situations or trilingual certification exams. However, people interested in becoming professional, trilingual interpreters can make use of materials designed for spoken language interpreters and adapt them to practice skills that also involve ASL.
According to the 2011 Study Guide for Trilingual Interpreter Certification Candidates, both the Trilingual Advanced and the Trilingual Master performance exams consist of four parts; they differ mainly in the complexity of the languages and settings presented and the speed of the speakers or signers. Descriptions of the four parts are given below, as they appear in the Study Guide.
Part A Three-Person Interactive: In this part, you are asked to watch a video recording of a conversation among three people and render the spoken English into ASL and spoken Spanish, the ASL into spoken English and Spanish, and the spoken Spanish into ASL and spoken English.
Part B Expressive Interpreting: In this part, you are asked to watch a video recording of spoken Spanish and render it into ASL. It is important that your rendition be into ASL, and not into signed English.
Part C Receptive Interpreting: In this part, you are asked to watch a video recording of a presentation in ASL and render it into spoken Spanish.
Part D Sight Translation: In Sight Translation (sometimes called “Sight Interpreting”), the source language is written rather than spoken or signed language. At the beginning of this part, you are instructed to (1) read and sight translate a short, written English document into spoken Spanish, and (2) read and sight translate a short, written Spanish document into spoken English.!
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FCAT failures: testing is not teaching - Other Views -

Notwithstanding the recent Herald editorial, the latest debacle over FCAT writing scores was much more than an administrative miscue in grading by the state Department of Education.!
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[Conference Interpreting:] Assessment Criteria at Exams: A Hot Topic These Days

There have been some exchanges lately in the blogosphere about the evaluation criteria applied to conference interpreting students at their final exams. This is natural – it being exam season and all, people (and by people, I mean both students AND their trainers) are thinking hard about what is to be expected of students at their final exams and if they are going to be able to deliver.!
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Link of the Week: Test-Taking Tips for Editors

Test-Taking Tips for Editors : My colleague Cassie Armstrong of MorningStar Editing wrote this article for her blog in 2011. I thought it was so useful that I decided to share it. It’s not unusual...!
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The Ohio State Court Interpreter written exam deadline is extended to Friday, June 1, 2012. Please click on the attached link for information. Feel free to share this information with others. Conta...!
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The SDL Translation Games

HThe SDL Translation Games have begun and it's time for you to get involved. Over the course of the next 12 weeks you will have the chance to take part in our events that test your accuracy, consistency and speed skills; all of those elements that SDL Trados Studio 2011 aims to enhance.

Our first game tests your translation accuracy. Test your skills against SDL's worldwide translation community and see if you can lead your country to glory by being crowned a translation champion. Every player that registers their details will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win one of three brand new iPads!ome page of the SDL Translation Games...!
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