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Wearing Google Glass creates quite a spectacle

PUB trivia will never be the same.

With a tilt of my head and a short, softly spoken command, I can outsource the tough questions to Google's search engine.

With a swipe of my finger, I can request more information, including pictures, or surf websites by dipping my head back and forth to navigate the page.

Should my friends SMS me during trivia, I can have the missives read aloud to me (and only to me) and reply with my voice.

And when I am inevitably asked to leave the venue for being far too successful, and talking to myself, I can ask my new spectacles to provide me with a quick escape route.

All of these things are made possible with Google Glass, the internet-connected spectacles created in Google's X lab.

While they started life as a pair of glasses with two phones on either side and a backpack full of electronics, not unlike a Ghostbuster, the finished product is infinitely more impressive.!
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Traduction multilingue : Babylon 10 compatible avec Windows 8 et Office 2013

Le fournisseur de solutions de traduction et de services de recherche sur Internet annonce le lancement de Babylon 10, son logiciel de traduction supportant 77 langues et une nouvelle fonctionnalité de traduction de documents.!
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Google Co-Founder Seen With Futuristic Glasses on NYC Subway — But Was He Actually Able to Use Them? | Video |

As Google continues to develop its augmented reality glasses, the company's co-founder Sergey Brin appears to be trying to acclimate the public to cyborg-like technology.!
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Will Machines Ever Master Translation? - IEEE Spectrum

Language translation is proving to be one of the hardest tasks to automate—and one of the most important!
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Asia governments pour cash into technology to erase the language barrier

A league of linguists hailing from almost every sizable Asian nation has released an iPhone application called “U-STAR.” Their goal: disseminating technology that can ingest speech in any widely spoken language and regurgitate a translation on the...!
Blake Turnbull's curator insight, April 26, 2013 7:16 PM

Linguists have developed an iPhone appication aimed to understand majority of the widely spoken languages of the world and produce a target translation on the spot to break the language barrier between nations. I downloaded this to checked it out for myself, and to be honest it's not too bad! It's very good at actually picking up on what is being said- however the translations leave a little bit to be desired for, but oferall I was impressed! Looks like we're heading towards that seemingly impossible concept of a 'universal translator' afterall!!

Pour préserver la vue, des progrès dignes de la science-fiction

Implants multifocaux, laser femtoseconde, cellules souches... Dans son dernier numéro, Sciences et Avenir explore les progrès médicaux et technologiques innovants réalisés.!
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What Makes a Mind? Kurzweil and Google May be Surprised | MIT Technology Review

One AI researcher suggests that an ambitious plan to build a more intelligent machine may be flawed.!
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Will Machines Ever Master Translation? - IEEE Spectrum

Language translation is proving to be one of the hardest tasks to automate—and one of the most important!
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Translator training and education: Techno-pedagogy, research and ...

The digital technologies, virtual learning / instruction, as well as the change in translator work patterns had an impact on translator training at university level. The need to rethink the pedagogical approaches as well as the type ...!
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Google Translate can interpret Chinese, Japanese and Korean from photos of text

Google Translate users looking to translate Chinese, Japanese and Korean can now do so by taking a photo of the text and swiping their finger over the portion of the text they want translated with the latest update to Google Translate for Android...!
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iTranslate traduit plus de langues

iTranslate [6.0 – Français – Gratuit – Sonico GmbH] est une application de traduction instantanée pour l’iPhone. Cette toute nouvelle version est d’abord l’occasion d’une interface revue et corrigée, notamment pour l’écran 4 pouces d’un iPhone 5.!
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A Giant Leap Forward For Translation Quality Evaluation Metrics - TAUS - Enabling better translation

5th December, 2012, Amsterdam – TAUS, the translation innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, launches the eagerly awaited Dynamic Quality Framework Tools.!
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Systran: lance une solution de traduction de sites web.

( - Systran lance, à l'occasion du Web 2012 Paris, la nouvelle version de SYSTRANLinks, un service en ligne 'qui rend la traduction de sites web plus rapide, facile et moins chère'.!
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New Guides Aim to Become the Yelp for MOOC's - Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education

New Guides Aim to Become the Yelp for MOOC’s
December 4, 2012, 3:06 pm

By Alisha Azevedo
Students looking for massive open online courses, or MOOC’s, have many options, with a growing number of providers and course titles. A handful of Web sites have popped up over the past few months to help students find courses they’re interested in, much as a restaurant-goer might turn to Yelp. Some of the sites let students review the MOOC’s they’ve taken, incorporating their views into the sites’ overall guidance.

One new directory, Course Buffet, was started two months ago by Bruce Bolton, out of his frustration over trying to compare the quality of online resources. The site lists more than 500 courses from various MOOC providers, and each course is assigned a difficulty level (Psychology 100, for example), to help students move from easier to more difficult material. He hopes to turn a profit by selling advertising, such as by sending offers from certification companies to students.!
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Bing Translator now on Windows Phone 8 : The Droid Guy

Windows Phone 8 is an impressive operating system and better than Windows Phone 7 in many ways, and it should be because Windows Phone 8 is an evolutionary version of its predecessor. Microsoft has done a great job with the new operating system which has a totally redesigned base structure as compared to Windows Phone 7. One of the interesting apps which Windows Phone 7 has and Windows Phone 8 doesn’t is the Bing Translator.
Read more at!
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Google Drive Gmail Integration Allows for 10GB Attachments

The web giant on Tuesday announced that it is integrating its cloud storage service Google Drive into Gmail, a move that will let users insert and send files up to 10GB.!
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Computer History Museum preserves Chinese-language computing breakthrough

In the 1970s, Ideographix came up with a way to streamline the method for digitally typesetting and printing Chinese characters.!
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Machine Translation - No Copyright On The Result? | SEO Translator

Can machine translation results be copyrighted? The answer is more than dubious, because there is one key factor missing for the resulting text to be protected by copyright laws: creativity.!
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Institutions snap up Gaelic translation service - Gaelic -

THE first ever translation memory service for Gaelic has already been snapped up by a number of organisations, including the Scottish Parliament.!
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EuroTermBank Terminology Search

Access EuroTermBank from Where You Work

One-click access to EuroTermBank terms from your everyday software – Microsoft Word.

EuroTermBank Add-in for Microsoft Word
Identify and explore terms from your text by using EuroTermBank add-in in the EuroTermBank Terminology pane of Microsoft Word.

How It Works

Download for MS Word 2003 and 2007!
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Spoken English Translated To Mandarin In Seconds - Ubergizmo

Spoken English Translated To Mandarin In SecondsUbergizmoMicrosoft Research could hit a potential goldmine with one of their forays, that is being able to convert spoken English into Mandarin, taking all but a few seconds' delay, now how about that?!
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Enterprise-Specific MT for Globalizing Enterprises - Alon Lavie, Safaba Translation Solutions

At the TAUS User Conference 2012, Alon Lavie introduces Safaba's modular approach to delivering enterprise-specific Machine Translation solutions for global ...!
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MA Translation Studies News: Free evets at the European ...

Markus Foti will present the tools and resources the European Commission provides for its translators to help them deal with this workload, from CAT tools to databases, and especially the Commission's in-house machine ...!
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How to set up Trados Studio to repeat term suggestions | Translation Memory

If you’re using Trados Studio, you may find that each term in the MultiTerm termbase is suggested only once per segment. Here’s how to set up the AutoSuggest options in Trados Studio to repeat term suggestions multiple times in each segment.!
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