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African Books Collective: Zimbabwean Literature in African Languages

Zimbabwean Literature in African Languages
Crossing language boundaries
Edited by Emmanuel M. Chiwome, Zifkile Mguni
The scope of this book is Ndebele and Shona literature, with emphasis on post-independence publications. African literature in English has received more critical attention than literature in indigenous languages. The former has occupied centre stage as representing national literature, while modern literature in indigenous languages= occupies the intermediate lower stratum that is accorded to national languages in the colonial and post-independence eras.

The objective of the study is to combine some of the different genres of literature in indigenous languages in an attempt to understand them on the basis of their common history and culture. While colonialism has promoted and interpreted differences among Zimbabwean ethnic communities as evidence of polarisation, the authors here view African language literatures as parts of one great whole.!
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