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Where Is Hausa Spoken?

Hausa, also spelt Haussa, Houssa or Housa, is an Afro-Asiatic language and the most widely spoken of the Chadic languages, the grouping of languages spoken in...!
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Iran Book News Agency (IBNA) - Quranic translations to be assessed

A session will be held at the University of Quranic Sciences to assess Quranic translations in Spanish and Hausa.

IBNA: The session will be held in the presence of Hujatoleslam Mohammad Naghdi, executive manager of Tarjoman Vahi (translation of revelation) institute, Tijani Malem Lavali, Quranic researcher, Ali Feizollahi, a member of the scientific board of Tehran University, and Masoumeh Yazdanpanah, Quranic researchers and translator of the holy Quran into English and Persian.!
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