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Banking glossaries

In the current climate, I thought these glossaries from central banks and a couple of other sources might be of use... I've excluded those with annoying or inefficient interfaces, and those that do...!
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Le français a désormais une traduction officielle de « Hashtag »

La France, très protectrice envers sa langue qui fut, un temps, l’équivalent de l’anglais dans les relations internationales (elle est encore aujourd’hui langue officielle de l’ONU), a un organe bien particulier : la Commission Générale de...!
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«Mot-dièse», la traduction française de «hashtag» publiée au Journal officiel | Slate

«Ne dites plus hashtag mais mot-dièse», prévient Rue89. Car le fameux hashtag de Twitter vient d’être ainsi traduit en français et publié au Journal officiel dans la catégorie «vocabulaire des télécommunications et de l’informatique»....!
Joyce Poot's curator insight, April 20, 2014 9:41 AM

Un texte intéressante sur les puristes de la langue française. Toujours un sujet durable, parce que les Français sont des puristes de la langue. C'est aussi un texte sur les médias sociaux.

Klallam dictionary opens window into tribal heritage

A three-decade effort to preserve a native language has resulted in the first-ever dictionary of the language, which previously was only spoken.!
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Uruguay propone eliminar del diccionario la frase "trabajar como un negro"

Varias personalidades filmaron un spot solicitándole a la Real Academia Española que sea suprimida del dicccionario; miralo!
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Educación creará un diccionario bilingüe digital

Versión electrónica del diario Los Tiempos, el periódico de mayor circulación en la ciudad de Cochabamba, Bolivia --!
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Wordnik Looks Beyond Its Online Dictionary With The Launch Of New Company Reverb | TechCrunch

Wordnik launched its first big non-dictionary product last month, a tool allowing online publishers to recommend related content to their readers. Now it's signaling even broader ambitions by launching a new company, which it's calling Reverb.!
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לקסיקון בגרות - 2,000 המילים הנפוצות בשאלון E בבגרות

know enough words to answer the unseens without once having to open your dictionary? This lexicon and vocabulary acquisition workbook is a complete learning tool that will help you do just that.

Words. A lexicon containing 2,000 of the words you are most likely to find in the E-Module Bagrut.

Entries. Entries designed just like those in your full-scale learner’s dictionary.
Practice. Challenging exercises to help you recall the meaning of the word long after you have looked it up. 
Layout. The entries and exercises are laid out opposite each other to let you practice words quickly and easily.
D.I.Y. Your opportunity to be independent and to learn what you want to learn at your own speed!
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Urdu dictionary on futures trading published – The Express Tribune

LAHORE: Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) has published a first of its kind Urdu dictionary on futures trading in the country.

According to a press release, PMEX Head of Marketing Raeda Latif, explaining the concept behind the project, said the commodity markets were still in a development stage and a large population was unaware of the concept of futures trading. For this purpose, she said, a comprehensive guide on futures trading was introduced.!
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Le dictionnaire des abréviations high-tech

LTE, NFC, QR, M2M: suivez-le guide pour ne pas vous perdre dans la jungle des abréviations high-tech incontournables cette année.!
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News lexicography of 2012 - Hindustan Times

All due credit to petroleum and technology, social media and memes, and the humbling power of the weather, for their ability to generate and sustain new words.!
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Dictionnaire des créatures mythiques, légendaires et improbables des voyageurs

Dictionnaire des créatures mythiques, légendaires et improbables des voyageurs   Resp. du projet : Dominique Lanni, Univ.!
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New Chichewa/Chinyanja English Dictionary - Mwalandiridwa!/ Welcome!

Dictionary project which resulted in a new Chichewa/Chinyanja English Dictionary with almost 900 pages and more than 40,000 entries, also available online.!
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Oasis or Mirage: The Supreme Court's Thirst for Dictionaries in the Rehnquist and Roberts Eras by James Brudney, Lawrence Baum :: SSRN

The Supreme Court’s use of dictionaries, virtually non-existent before 1987, has dramatically increased during the Rehnquist and Roberts Court eras to the point!
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El Programa de Extensión Universitaria de la UJI elaborará un diccionario crítico de la Cultura ::

El Programa de Extensión Universitaria de la UJI elaborará un diccionario crítico de la Cultura ::!
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Un jurbisien aux commandes du "Dictionnaire des difficultés du français" - RTBF Regions

La sixième édition de l’ouvrage "Le dictionnaire des difficultés du français" vient de sortir aux éditions de Boeck–Duculot et c’est le Jurbisien Daniel Blampain qui en est l’auteur.!
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‘Gangnam Style,’ ‘fiscal cliff,’ ‘Romneyshambles’ chosen as Collins Dictionary’s words of the year

He has the most-watched video in Youtube history, become a pop sensation with a horse-riding dance craze that has swept the world and now Korean singer Psy may cement his place in popular culture with recognition from a British dictionary.!
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L'homme aux 40 dictionnaires a la passion du mot juste

TOULOUSE (AFP) - Fils d'agriculteur, ancien agent technique d'Air France, Henri Goursau a écrit une quarantaine de dictionnaires, été couronné par le Livre Guinness des records et jongle avec ...!
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Those odious words

The ever-game Steve Kleinedler of the American Heritage Dictionary took on one of those chores that regularly fall to lexicographers: He appeared on Boston's WBUR to talk about words people want...!
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María Moliner sobran las palabras

Noticias de ultima hora en español sobre la actualidad nacional, politica, internacional, economia, dinero, deportes, sociedad, religión, salud, sanidad, opinión, cultura, medio ambiente, viajes, internet, televisión, tecnología, gente.!
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Y los jesuitas crearon el diccionario de la Biblia - MDZ Online

El libro descifra 5.000 términos de las Sagradas Escrituras. Más de mil imágenes los ilustran.!
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News : National : Lexicographer deleted thousands of words from OED

New Zealand's public broadcaster, providing comprehensive, up-to-the-minute news and current affairs, as well as specialist features and documentaries with a focus on the interests of particular groups in the community.!
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