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Denis O'Hare and Stephen Spinella Will Alternate in NYC Premiere of An Iliad, the One-Man Homeric Epic -

The performance schedule for the in-repertory appearances of Tony Award winners Denis O'Hare and Stephen Spinella in An Iliad — a 100-minute distillation of the Trojan War epic by Homer — have been announced by Of-Broadway's New York Theatre Workshop, which is producing the New York City premiere of the one-man show.

Denis O'Hare and Lisa Peterson co-wrote the work, drawing on Robert Fagles' translation of the classic, and Peterson directs. Seattle Repertory Theatre produced the world premiere (featuring resident actor Hans Altwies) in spring 2010, followed by Spinella (Angels in America) telling the tale at McCarter Theatre Center in fall 2010.!
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E-Book Editing Raises Questions for Publishing - Forbes

Most readers wouldn’t likely notice a minor change, and the ability to edit almost instantly makes it easy for authors, or anyone else with access to the body of work, to quickly make updates and corrections. Continual revision would benefit textbooks, for example, which require constant updating to reflect current knowledge.

But as with other forays into the digital realm, electronic publishing’s benefits come with some drawbacks. Printed books traditionally serve as reliable historical records, but if authors and publishers maintain the power to alter e-books periodically to make them more commercially attractive to consumers, the texts’ validity such texts could be compromised.

For example, a book that doesn’t do as well as expected by its publisher may be changed according to consumer feedback. Chapters might be added or deleted, or an unpleasing ending could be modified. If a book can be continuously changed, it isn’t really ever complete, and may not be a reliable reference.!
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Falibo - Learn English As a Second Language - English Writing - Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is expressing what you have read or heard in your own words. Its a skill you need in academic and professional life.!
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Share your knowledge and help a younger writer succeed

Share your favorite book on writing. Used copies are fine. Marked up copies are better. Maybe it's your old copy of William Strunk and E.B. White's "The Elements of Style" from college. Maybe it's William Zinsser's classic "On Writing Well," Rosalie Maggio's helpful "How to Say It" or Stephen King's lively "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft." (For some of my other favorites, Google "Wilbers recommendations.")!
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Is rewriting someone else's unpublished paper a form of plagiarism? - Yahoo! Answers

Lets say, I take a few ideas from the other paper, and rewrite it in my own words, so it sounds completely different..!
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Learning to Re-Write

The biggest hurdle that most new writer's face is finishing that first draft. Until we type "FADE OUT" that first time, we're not a screenwriter (hobbyist, amateur, or professional). You've got to ...!
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Njáls saga as a novel: four aspects of rewriting

Inspired by Njáls saga and Laxdæla saga, the novel Fire in the Ice by American novelist Dorothy James Roberts is one of numerous modern rewritings of classical and medieval literature.!
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