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7 Tips For Writing a Job Post That Gets Results

A job post is an advertisement. You're letting the world know about a fabulous opportunity at your organization. You want people to be lining up to apply, but the goal is to make them the right people.!
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McEntee: Writing wrongs — Utah teachers confront the plague of plagiarism

Utah school administrators, teachers and professors all have strict rules and instructions to steer students away from the pitfalls of and punishments for plagiarism.
Still, educators say it’s an epidemic.!
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About professional writing and translation in African languages

Professional writing and translation in African languages by Charles Tiayon Background By all indications, the development of professional writing, transcription, and most especially professional t...!
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Stephen Marche on the Golden Age of Writers

Writers have always been whiners. For nearly a hundred years, since at least the time of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the death of the novel has been presaged. And now, egged on by BuzzFeed and video games and just general hypercaffeinated, e-mail-all-the-time ADHD, the book is apparently, finally, about to die. At least we'll have good stuff to read while we wait. This fall alone, the number of big books published by major writers is astounding: Michael Chabon, Zadie Smith, Junot Díaz, Martin Amis, Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie, and about a half dozen others. Not that the list has stopped anyone from complaining. Literary circles have been so full of pity for so long that they can't accept the optimistic truth: We're living in a golden age for writers and writing.!
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How Writing Became a Lost Art in Business

Copywriters have long struggled with this dilemma: everybody’s a writer. The Internet has opened the door to all comers. Welcome to the new media.!
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Polyglot teacher and author, 90, fills retirement in Midvalley by writing - News - The Times-Tribune

ESSUP - When Paulette Maggiolo moved to America from France 65 years ago, she brought her languages with her. All five of them.

After she married an American officer she had met during World War II, she built her life in the United States teaching the languages - French, English, Spanish, Italian and German - in public and private schools.

Now 90, she is spending her retirement writing novels and nonfiction books in her native and adopted tongues.

Most of her works reflect parts of her life: "The Guilty Teacher" is about an educator dealing with the prevalence of drugs in schools; "No Such Word" traces the relationships of a war bride brought to the U.S. She has written books about cooking, grammar, graduation parties and immigrants. Now she is working on a book of conversations "between two old women," inspired by her talks with her sister in France.!
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Les poèmes de jeunesse de Samuel Beckett

LITTÉRATURE - On se souvient de la fameuse boutade de Beckett: "J'ai choisi d'écrire en français parce que le français est une langue plus pauvre que l'anglais". Cette boutade est confirmée par plusieurs textes de l'auteur.!
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Écrire numérique

LITTÉRATURE - Il paraît que j'écris "comme un 'numérique' ", c'est-à-dire avec une "spontanéité débraillée".!
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Alternate publishing: What should a writer do?

Many writers wonder about the various paths to publication. Is pursuing a traditional publisher the best route for their work, or should they consider the alternate paths that have become seemingly more accessible with the digital age?!
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Anoka County history: Cursive writing now an archaic art

When I taught sixth-grade at Sandburg in Anoka, I always took a class period early in the school year to re-address students’ penmanship.!
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Doctor promotes love-letter writing - Indian Express

Doctor promotes love-letter writing - To revive the practice of writing love letters which has died a slow death after the advent of mobile phones and Internet, a naturopathy docto...!
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2012 Wicked Young Writers' Award Shortlist Revealed | Entertainment Focus

Submitted by Pip Ellwood on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 11:33 0 2

The 100 shortlisted entries were announced today for the 2012 Wicked Young Writers’ Award. The stories and poems were selected from thousands of entries submitted during the third year of the Award, established in 2010 by the long-running West End show Wicked in order recognise and reward excellence in the writing talent of young people between 5 – 25 years of age from across all backgrounds and areas of the UK.!
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Unchain my language!

generation y - Writing is a solitary game, where the goal is to get your work read by as many people as possible.!
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Author: How Prison Made Me A Better Writer

Everyone in prison thinks they can write. From inmates writing poetry and song lyrics to the officers who all say they're going to write their memoirs when they retire.!
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The Writers Workbench: Portable Sound

As the tech world becomes more mobile, some devices need to play catch-up. Laptops may have built-in speakers, but they're only ideal if you're born with tin ears.!
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"Punctuation" - Grammar! - Lexicography? | Dynamic Consultants

With the explosion of texts, tweets and posts as a daily form of communication, popular culture seems to accept the shortening and dispensing of the normal rules of written English.!
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Book Bits Friday: Brazil offers translation grants, Philip Roth retires, Holmes at 125, ‘Fifty Shades of Earl Grey’

I found some interesting links and thought I’d go ahead and post them rather than waiting until Monday, News: World Book Night U.S.: Honorary Chairpeople & Book Picks – “Autho...!
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Correcteurs orthogrâphique : Antidote 8 et Cordial 2013

En toute discrétion, Druide a annoncé Antidote 8, la nouvelle version de son correcteur orthographique et de sa suite d'outils pour les rédacteurs.!
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8 tips to improve your written communication skills

A well-thought out e-mail, report or presentation gets recognised in college and at work. Here's a beginner's guide to honing your writing skills.!
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How to write a novel in 21 slow and easy steps

It’s National Novel Writing Month. Across the U.S., people are writing books, posting their work on the NaNoWriMo website, each trying to reach the goal of 50,000 words.!
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KARACHI CHRONICLE: Writing skills | Business Recorder

Karachi is said to have the highest literacy rate in the country. This does not appear to be true because one comes across so many, hundreds and thousands of people who cannot read. But I personally know readers outnumber illiterates. I am a frequent traveller by rickshaw and occasionally by bus. I always try to locate where the driver has tucked his daily newspaper. It is usually between the overhead bar and the roof in rirkshaws and to the left of the driver's seat in a bus. I also talk to people and find they can read.

Those who cannot read are the poorest of the poor or people who came to the city from villages in search of work. In short, all Karachiites can read. However, there is a puzzling phenomena: the majority of people who can read cannot write. That makes Karachiites half-literate. No matter how many reports I browsed through, written by educationists, social workers and NGOs on Karachi's literacy, I have not found any which even noticed this peculiarity.

It is also said that the ability to read is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the mobile cellphone and the popularity of text messaging. It may be so, but it is not proof that the ability to text message means the ability to write. Ask people of the working class to write on a piece of paper and they cannot do it. The clue to this puzzle is in the high rate of school dropouts, and also in the absence of the slate and chalk from the schoolchild's satchel. In most schools in bastis and in the lower-middle class areas too, you will find a blackboard, usually just a wall painted black, on which the teacher writes something and the children recite what ever is written. Thus they pick up reading skill faster than they learn to write. Children dropout of school normally after class two.

Most are forced to leave to help support the family, working at menial jobs. As they grow older they may learn to drive a vehicle, become mechanics at garages, welders and carpenters, factory workers and other semi-skilled jobs. Their ability to read comes in handy but they do not seem to need the ability to write. Their writhing skill usually is limited to the ability to write their name and they like to have a wiggly signature to put on a form or their NIC card, while the rest of the data is filled in by some helpful person or a professional writer.

There are many NGOs who believe that it is not necessary to have the writing skill, which is why handwriting is not stressed. They say a person who can read can recognise the letters of the alphabet on the keyboard and tap the right key to spell a word. I was surprised to learn from them that in America in the poor areas children are taught to use the keyboard and handwriting is not taught.!
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Why Fiction Writers Should Learn Math

What ballet is to football players, mathematics is to writers, a discipline so beguiling and foreign, so close to a taboo, that it actually attracts a few intrepid souls by virtue of its impregnability.!
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November Is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month

With thousands of participants (200,000 and counting this year alone), NaNoWriMo is never dull. Most people have a book in mind that they "plan on writing one day." That is the beauty of NaNoWriMo.!
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Galleycat offering NaNoWriMo writers two years' worth of writing tips

It's that time again. Time for writers everywhere to shut themselves off from the world and shed light on that novel within. NaNoWriMo 2012 has officially begun and you only have 30 days to put 50,000 words down on paper. Thank goodness Jason Boog at MediaBistro's Galleycat published some tips on November 1, 2012, to help you get started.

In his article titled, “NaNoWriMo Tip #1: Read Two Years' Worth of Advice in a Single Post,” Boog offers up 60 tantalizing and helpful tips for writers to help you with everything from plot summaries to character development to choosing the perfect writing implement. Hint: Check out #23: Turn your computer into a typewriter. You'll have a blast!

Top Five Favorite NaNoWriMo Tips from Galleycat, in no particular order:

Tip 25: Relax with a literary drink: Includes Raymond Chandler's gimlet recipe from, “The Long Goodbye.”

Tip 20: Meet your deadline with kittens: Earn cute kitten rewards when you reach writing milestones.

Tip 27: World of Warcraft Procrastinator Support: Yes, there's a group of NaNoWriMo writers who use WOW as an excuse to put off tackling that next 1,666.67 words.

Tip 26: Write by hand: If you can still remember how to hold a pencil, this is the coolest way to write a book. There's even a support group.!
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November events offer a novel (writing) idea and plenty of visiting authors

In November, darkness is settling upon us, and that hibernation instinct could tell you to stay home every night — preferably with a good book. But don’t succumb to isolation; there are warm people gathering to talk about books all over the Twin Cities.

Amazing writers are coming to town every week in November, and an evening in their company is well worth going out in the dark.

There is one good reason to stay home, however: It’s National Novel Writing month. If you’ve been sitting on a good story idea, this is your chance to come away with a working rough draft. Solidarity always helps: A couple of hundred thousand other people have done it, and some have even sold their books.

writers are coming to town every week, and an evening in their company is well worth going out in the dark.!
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