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Health First: Walking can increase creativity

A recent study from Stanford University shows we’re more creative while walking than when sitting. Photo Dan Toulgoet

I recently wrote of the many benefits of regular physical activity. These include improvements in cardiovascular fitness, sleep quality, mood and anxiety levels and reductions in the risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and osteoporosis.

So you won’t be surprised when your doctor writes you a prescription for exercise. But you might be if your teacher or boss tells you to take a hike – all for the sake of creativity.

A recent study from Stanford University shows we’re more creative while walking than when sitting. In their study published last week in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, coauthors Marily Oppezzo and Daniel Schwartz looked at the immediate effect of walking on performance in standardized tests of divergent thinking.

They tested 176 college students and other adults in four experiments after they had walked indoors on a treadmill, sat indoors, walked outdoors or sat in a wheelchair while they were pushed along the same path.

Divergent thinking involves generating creative ideas by exploring possible solutions. It is essential for brainstorming – the free flow of ideas we need before we can begin to write an essay or story, solve a problem or collaborate as a group.

In the Stanford study, subjects were asked to come up with alternate uses of a specific object and to generate complex analogies to specific phrases.
Walking — either indoors or outdoors — resulted in significantly more creative responses than sitting.

Creative thinking isn’t just for artists, writers and students. It can benefit every aspect of our lives. Our most troublesome problems seem to come up over and over again. Divergent thinking can help us generate new approaches to those problems. It can help us re-imagine and reinvent our lives. It can open the window to new possibilities.

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Untranslating Children’s Nonsense Poems - Asymptote Blog

"The Bengali literary mafia would say: 'This is untranslatable.'"When Indian author Sampurna Chatterji was growing up, she lived between several languages. Her father taught English, while her mother taught Bengali. In Chatterji’s own schooling, the instructional language was English, but she also learned Hindi and Sanskrit.“All this creates a sort of strange cacophony in the head,” Chatterji said at a professional seminar at this year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, held from April 30 to May 5.But this “cacophony” also creates wonderful opportunities for linguistic connections. As she developed as a writer, Chatterji decided not to write in Bengali. “The burden of being Bengali was too much for me,” she said. Her teenage rebellion was not to go off and smoke, but to write in English.So she published collections of poetry and novels in English. But she continued to have lines of Sukumar Ray’s Bengali poetry knocking about in her head. Ray wrote “this incredible nonsense poetry and prose,” Chatterji said. Ray’s poetry was deeply influenced by Lewis Carroll and “difficult to explain, but you can feel it in your bones.”Others had understood the importance of Ray’s poetry, and there was an English translation of Ray’s poetry that was “very accurate,” Chatterji said, but it utterly lacked the joy she remembered. She wanted to see if she could re-enact the joy she’d felt when listening to and reading the poems, so she thought: “Let me see if I can do it.”!
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STOP THE STUPIDITY: Don't ban Malay translations of English books - Zairil

PETALING JAYA - The government should not ban Malay translations of English books like the The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari said today.

He said he could not understand the ban on the Malay version of the book although Malaysians could read the English version.

"How can the same book be considered a public danger and against Islamic teachings in one language, but perfectly acceptable in another?" Zairil said in a statement today.

Zairil said Karen Armstrong's book Islam: A Short History is freely available in book stores in Malaysia but the Malay version is banned.

He asked whether the Home Ministry was saying that knowledge is reserved for English-literate but is off limits to those who only can speak and read in Malay.


Full article: 
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Terminology in academia – You can now enrol in TermCoord’s next seminar

TermCoord’s next seminar in the series of “Terminology in the changing world of translation” will take place on the 5th of June in Luxembourg.

It will provide insight into terminology research and terminology teaching at universities. What is the difference between a terminological database and a terminological knowledge base and how can the latter help translators? What is the role of terminology in translation training? What are the initial results of academic cooperation in the framework of pilot IATE projects between TermCoord and universities?

These are some of the questions which will be answered during the presentations given by Professor Franco Bertaccini, from the University of Bologna, and Professor Christine Michaux, from the University of Mons.

For more information and to register, click here.!
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2014 PEN Translation Prize Longlist

El Diccionari Normatiu Valencià, que aprobó la Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (AVL) el pasado mes de enero levantando una polémica que reabrió el histórico debate de la lengua, está siendo revisado pero, según su presidente, Ramon Ferrer, mantendrá la definición del valenciano, pese al informe del Consell Jurídic Consultiu de la Conselleria de Educación que pide revisarla. “El Diccionari Normatiu Valencià, por primera vez en la historia, define el valenciano como una lengua románica, ennobleciendo nuestra lengua y así seguirá haciéndolo”. La polémica, en su opinión, “solo existe para algunos”.!
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La Acadèmia no varía la definición del valencià

El Diccionari Normatiu Valencià, que aprobó la Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (AVL) el pasado mes de enero levantando una polémica que reabrió el histórico debate de la lengua, está siendo revisado pero, según su presidente, Ramon Ferrer, mantendrá la definición del valenciano, pese al informe del Consell Jurídic Consultiu de la Conselleria de Educación que pide revisarla. “El Diccionari Normatiu Valencià, por primera vez en la historia, define el valenciano como una lengua románica, ennobleciendo nuestra lengua y así seguirá haciéndolo”. La polémica, en su opinión, “solo existe para algunos”.!
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O que quer, o que pode esta língua?

No âmbito do especial Ano Grande do Brasil, o PÚBLICO faz a uma série de personalidades a mesma pergunta: Para onde vai o Brasil?!
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MultiLing Opens New Office in Taiwan, Expands Offices in Mainland China, Japan and South Korea to Meet Increasing Demand for IP Translation Services Across Asia | The Jakarta Post - PR Newswire

SALT LAKE CITY, May 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — MultiLing, the innovative leader in intellectual property (IP) translations and related support services for foreign patent filings by Global 500 legal teams, today announced the major expansion of its operations in Asia, including the opening of a new office in Taiwan and more than doubling its offices in mainland China, Japan and South Korea. The more than 270 percent increase in office space – required to accommodate the additional employees already hired or expected shortly – strongly positions MultiLing to meet the increasing demand for IP translation services across Asia.
Logo –
According to the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2013( ), in 2012, for the first time, mainland China accounted for the largest number of patents filed throughout the world (560,681). In addition, the State IP Office in mainland China accounted for the largest number of applications received by any single IP office worldwide (652,777). Japan ranks second in the number of patents filed, followed by the United States, then South Korea.
“According to a recent study of IP translations, errors in patent applications that open litigation risk are most frequently found when translating patent applications to and from Asian languages,” said Michael Sneddon, founder and chief executive officer, MultiLing. “With our new office in Taiwan, and larger offices in mainland China, Japan and Korea, we’re expanding our Asian region capacity to provide legal teams with the right people, processes and technologies necessary for high-quality translations that reduce related costs, decrease office actions, minimize litigation risks and reduce time to grant.”
Growth in Asia
Taiwan: MultiLing’s new office in Taiwan is located in Taipei City. According to the U.S.-Taiwan Connect organization, the island’s thriving economy is based primarily on high-tech exports, with Taiwan ranking as one of the most important links in the global supply chain of technology products. In fact, Taiwan is home to more than half of the top 100 IT companies in Asia, as well as research and development centers for 30 multinational companies, including HP, Dell, IBM, Intel, Corning, DuPont and Microsoft.
“Mainland China is an increasingly important market, and our office in Tianjin has successfully handled translation to and from Simplified Chinese for many years,” said Adam Bigelow, Asia regional director, MultiLing. “However, Taiwan is a thriving market of its own, and we’re receiving a growing number of requests for Traditional Chinese translations as well. Completing translation work in the location where Traditional Chinese is written better serves our clients and follows our global processes of providing native, scientific, engineering, legal and linguistic human talent to Global 500 legal teams.”!
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Breve 'Disionario Analfabético' de la Feria.

Este diccionario ferial ha sido elaborado por el colaborador de +JEREZ y afamado escritor Juan Manuel Sainz Peña. Servido en cuatro capítulos, este es el primero.

Cacharrito: 1.Atracción de feria que dura poco y cuesta mucho. 2. Lingotazo, pelotazo, latigazo y todo lo que acabe en azo y esté ligado con alcohol.

Juerga: 1. Desparrame y cachondeo en el Real de la Feria. 2. Paro de los autobuses urbanos que, como si les hubiera hecho la boca un fraile, piden y piden...

Otravejoé: Expresión manida que se usa a modo de acto reflejo cuando nos manchamos los codos al apoyarlos contra la barra pringosa de refresco, vino, cerveza u otros líquidos.

Servilleta: Nada que ver con los oriundos de Servilla. Papelillos desechables de hostelería que por su delicada confección en fina celulosa no sirven para limpiarse la boca, ni para secar la mesa, ni para nada.

Ambiente: 1. Estado del Real cualquier día de feria. 2. Caseta de eso, de ambiente (ustedes ya saben).

Premio: 1. Galardón que se concede a las portadas de las casetas más originales y artísticas. Este año “Amigos del Don Tico”(*) es favorita. 2. Trofeo simbólico que se da junto a la cuenta. Por ejemplo: son 35 euros. ¿Cuánto?? preguntamos socarronamente, y siempre hay algún incauto que repite 35... Pues por ahí te la jinco.

Fuegos Artificiales: 1. Artilugio pirotécnico que anuncia el inicio o el fin de la Feria del Caballo. 2. Discurso político en plena campaña electoral.

Llorar: Reacción natural del sistema nervioso cuando los jerezanos vemos la inauguración del alumbrado de la Feria del Caballo. 2. Reacción natural del sistema nervioso del jerezano, el sevillano y el que sea al ver la cuenta de un tapeo el sábado de feria.!
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Reader’s Digest Word Power Dictionary

Reader’s Digest word power dictionary in good condition, it is hard covered with some minor wear No major damage. Ribbon bookmark attached. It included word meanings, word origins, pronunciations, prefixes and suffixes, technical terms, usage tips, spelling hints, foreign words and phrases, grammar notes, word power facts, synonyms and antonyms. Published by Reader’s Digest in 2001. 

Pick-ups from Merivale the day after your auction closes and MUST be picked up within 5 days. (Shipping costs are below for items being sent.) So if you win an auction on Monday it is ready for collection from Tuesday and must be picked up by the Saturday. Happy to combine post whenever possible, just contact us before paying. Maudes is a charity selling donated items to raise money!
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New IHTSDO Policy on Support for Translation

New IHTSDO Policy on Support for Translation
128601007: lung infection, neumopatía infecciosa, infektionssygdom i lunge, infektiös lungsjukdom, [insert your translation here!]

IHTSDO is pleased to announce the initiation of a new Translation Policy that was unanimously passed by the Management Board on 28 April. Subject to certain conditions, the policy reimburses a member country for:

1.   100% of the cost of translating up to 5,000 concepts, which will be considered the “core” or starter set;
2.   One implementation document; and
3.   One SNOMED CT course

The maximum payment will be 150,000 USD. 

The payment is an equitable way to provide an incentive for non-English-speaking countries to start translations. It offers participating countries financial and practical help, providing a set of proven processes and frameworks to translate and maintain translations. All translations will be freely available to other IHTSDO Members so that they can be built upon and adapted.!
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Children's Writing Camp

Just in case you’re wondering where I’ve disappeared to, and I’d feel extremely privileged if you did, I’ve been buried under a mountain of writing, including a children’s creative writing camp that I gave over the Easter holidays. The camp lasted for three days and took place at Southpaw Writing Studios.

I roped Southpaw’s artistic director Martin Fahy into helping me supervise the children and he rose to the task beautifully, particularly since a last minute booking meant that 11 children squeezed around his large table, with its brightly coloured table cloth.All of these children, bar one, had done camps with me before, which gave me quiet satisfaction. They ranged in age from eight to almost 13.

Here’s a flavour of what we did.

Day 1. Senses and Character

On the first day, we journeyed through the senses, describing unfortunate looking oranges and inventing life stories for interesting objects. Then the children created a character and did some method writing, doing actions as if they were their character such as walking or holding a pen, then describing what they did.

Day 2. Setting and Plot

Today was all about creating worlds, as the children created countries and tried to entice us to visit these countries with alluring descriptions. They particularly enjoyed describing celebrity bedrooms, and the others had to guess which celebrity’s bedroom they were describing.

Finally, the children created a Chinese Whispers story. Just like the game, the story would start in one place and finish somewhere completely different.  They divided into groups of three. They started their own story, then continued a story started by the second person in the group and ended the story started by the third person in the group.

Day 3. Writing A Story!
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TransPerfect Provides Language Services and Technology for Pan Pacific Hotels Group's Refreshed Brand Websites

TransPerfect, the world's largest privately held provider of language services and translation-related technologies, today announced an engagement with Pan Pacific Hotels Group, a Singapore-based hotel company with over 30 “Pan Pacific” and PARKROYAL hotels, resorts, and serviced suites across Asia, Oceania, and North America.

TransPerfect completed the localization of the refreshed “Pan Pacific” and PARKROYAL websites——into Simplified Chinese and Japanese, the two key markets for both hotel brands. The new websites, which are searchable and bookable in English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese, officially launched this week.

To streamline internal project management processes, Pan Pacific Hotels Group deployed TransPerfect's GlobalLink technology, an enterprise-scale application that automates many of the manual tasks associated with the translation of global content. Using customized workflow technology that integrates with Adobe Experience Manager, GlobalLink will streamline the ongoing maintenance of Pan Pacific's global sites by automatically routing new content to TransPerfect's production department for translation and placing the translated content back on the localized sites.

According to Angie Ho, Vice President, Online Marketing for Pan Pacific Hotels Group, “To deliver the most authentic “Pan Pacific” and PARKROYAL brand experiences consistently to our target customers in different markets, it is important for us to equip our refreshed websites with functionalities that enable customers to research about our properties and destinations as well as to make bookings in their preferred language. TransPerfect's GlobalLink technology provides an easy and cost-effective system to keep our localized sites in perfect sync with the English version, ensuring that our customers always receive the most up-to-date information.”!
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May 14: "A writing coach talks about writing"

Whether it’s for broadcast, print or digital, the ability to write clear and compelling copy is essential for journalists and other communicators. But how often do you work on this skill?

Michael Weinstein

Join us at 6:30 p.m. May 14 for a talk with writing coachMichael Weinstein. Weinstein is features editor at The Charlotte Observer’s features editor where he has supervised much of the newspaper’s most outstanding work over the past two decades and has coached writers in the newsroom throughout that time. He’ll bring us his tips for improving your writing, no matter the medium.

As usual, our monthly meeting will be held at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, 911 E. Morehead Street in uptown.!
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Qué es una mouillette

El término francés mouillette deriva del verbo mouiller y hace referencia a mojar, remojar, humedecer… el diccionario francés ofrece dos definiciones de esta palabra, en ambos casos hace referencia a un elemento que tiene forma alargada y se se utiliza para mojar o que se empapa con alguna finalidad.Podemos poner por ejemplo algunos ambientadores antiguos que se sumergíanen un líquido para emanar su aroma, o los papelitos que hay en las perfumerías para probar cómo huele una colonia, pero ¿qué es una mouillette en gastronomía?Una mouillette es una porción de pan estrecha y alargada que se sirve para mojar …!
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Larry McMurtry's new novel offers up another version of the famous shootout at the OK Corral

"The Last Kind Words Saloon" (Liveright Publishing Corp.), by Larry McMurtry

Larry McMurtry, descendant of Texas cattlemen, can't stop writing stories about the American West. His latest novel, "The Last Kind Words Saloon," reimagines the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, an event he brought to life more vividly in his 2006 novel, "Telegraph Days."

In this version, itinerant lawman Wyatt Earp and his pal Doc Holliday, the dentist turned gambler/gunslinger, are in the frontier town of Long Grass, Texas, where Wyatt's wife, Jessie, tends bar at the Last Kind Words Saloon.

A big cattle deal is going down between an English baron and Charles Goodnight, a real-life Texas Panhandle cattleman whom McMurtry has written about before. Historical figures like Buffalo Bill Cody and the Kiowa warriors Satank and Satanta drift in and out of the action, as do fictional characters from McMurtry's earlier works, including Nellie Courtright, the lusty frontier journalist/narrator of "Telegraph Days."

Inevitably, Wyatt and Doc make their way to Tombstone, Arizona, where Wyatt reunites with his lawmen brothers Virgil and Morgan and begins feuding with the Clanton gang. The climactic events of Oct. 26, 1881, unfold in a few sentences, ending on an odd note of marital discord between Jessie and Wyatt.

McMurtry clearly isn't interested in burnishing the Wyatt Earp legend — he's portrayed as a surly, shiftless wife beater — but he doesn't offer much of a counter history either. The novel — he calls it "a ballad in prose whose characters are afloat in time" — ends with an epilogue narrated by Nellie, a sort of alter ego for McMurtry, both of whom have made good money in Hollywood writing about the West.

Years after the gunfight, she discovers that Wyatt and Jessie are living in a dilapidated bungalow in San Pedro, California. Wyatt is "rheumy-eyed" and doesn't remember much about the shootout. She regrets going to visit them until she spies the sign for the Last Kind Words Saloon in their junk-strewn yard.

"Not quite sure why I wanted it,!
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José Manuel Blecua recibirá la Medalla de la Universidad de Zaragoza este miércoles

El director de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua, José Manuel Blecua, recibirá este miércoles, 7 de mayo, la Medalla de la Universidadde Zaragoza en un acto solemne presidido por el rector que tendrá lugar a las 19.30 horas en el Paraninfo.

José Manuel Blecua ha colaborado en diversas ocasiones con la Universidad de Zaragoza: el 2 de julio de 2013 abrió la 46 edición de los cursos de verano que la Universidad de Zaragoza organiza en Jaca (y que son los más antiguos de España) con una lección sobre "La Real Academia en su tercer centenario" y en mayo de 2012 fue nombrado senador honorario de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad de Zaragoza.

Ha sido pionero en la aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías al estudio de la lengua española y un destacado especialista en lexicografía e historiografía lingüística. También ha sido elegido miembro de la RAE en 2003, donde ocupa la Silla h, y dirige esta institución desde 2010.

El profesor Blecua es doctor en Filología Románica y catedrático de Lengua Española y ha sido profesor de la Universidad de Barcelona y de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, donde fue vicerrector, director del Servicio de Publicaciones y fundador del director del primer Seminario de Filología e Informática.

Entre sus trabajos destacan la colaboración con Juan Alcina en la obra "Gramática española" y la dirección del Diccionario VOX de sinónimos y antónimos, el Diccionario general de sinónimos y antónimos y el Diccionario escolar de sinónimos y antónimos. A lo largo de su trayectoria, ha recibido, entre otros, el Premio Aragón de Investigación (2005) por su labor en los campos de la gramática y la lexicografía, la Medalla de Oro de la ciudad de Zaragoza (2011), el Premio de las Letras Aragonesas (2012) y este mismo año el doctorado honoris causa por laUniversidad Carlos II!
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Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Queen’ to be remade in 3 different languages

Queen to be made in three different languages.
Actress Kangana Ranaut's hit film 'Queen' is all set for a remake in three different languages.

Actress Kangana Ranaut’s hit film ‘Queen’ is all set for a remake in three different languages.

‘Queen’, that collected over Rs 11 crore in the second weekend will be remade in Tamil, Telugu and Chinese.

Film critic and trade analyst tweeted the this piece of information saying, “Update: #Queen to be remade in Tamil, Telugu and Chinese.”
Kangana’s ‘Queen’ released along with veteran actresses Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla’s ‘Gulaab Gang’ in March.

‘Queen’ was appreciated by several Bollywood actors and actresses as well and went on to become a smashing hit as it benefited from positive word-of-mouth.

Directed by Vikas Bahl, ‘Queen’ tells the tale of a simple Indian girl who goes abroad on her honeymoon by herself after getting dumped few days before the wedding. The film also stars model-turned-actress Lisa Haydon and ‘Kai Po Che’ actor Rajkumar Rao.

Kangana, who is constantly praised for her fashion sense, had gone de-glam for the role.!
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Waygo Instant Translation Application Now Available on Android

Japanese characters into English without the need for an internet connection. Waygo uses a combination of optical character recognition and translation technologies to instantly translate printed text by simply pointing your camera to translate.

Waygo helps language learners, tourists and business travelers experience China and Japan just like a local. The app instantly and accurately translates menus, signs and more. Waygo for Android allows users to instantly translate multiple lines of text or a single line for spelling and pronunciation. Visual translation is important for East Asian languages because it is extremely difficult for a tourist to search in a dictionary for pictographic text like ' without knowing its pronunciation.

Waygo launched as the only instant visual translator for Chinese in April 2013, and since then its users have conducted more than one million translations. The upgraded interface for both iOS and Android supports more fonts, dictionary items and includes improved image focusing and translation quality, including numbers. The Android app contains the full functionality of the iOS app providing the same excellent experience on both platforms.

"The goal with Waygo is to make translating quick and easy for even the most challenging of languages to learn," said Ryan Rogowski, CEO and co-founder of Waygo. "We believe everyone should be able to confidently travel anywhere in the world without language barriers. By creating this instant and accurate off-line service, people can go like a local and spend less time worrying about communication. For those who choose to learn the language, we want Waygo to be the best resource for mastering the language."

Waygo is available for free, offering users 10 free translations per day. Users can purchase an in-app upgrade to unlimited translations for $6.99, or a weeklong tourist package of unlimited translations for $1.99. It is available for download on Android devices at and iOS devices at Test Waygo now by downloading it and translating the Chinese menu at!
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Notícias ao Minuto - Eça é o autor português mais traduzido na China

"Vasculhámos todos os cantos possíveis, descobrindo logo que os livros publicados há mais de duas décadas estão quase completamente esgotado", assinalaram os dois investigadores, Sang Dapeng e Xian Tingting, ambos licenciados em língua portuguesa.

A maioria dos autores, entre os quais os poetas Eugénio de Andrade e Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, é do século XX e três deles (Alice Vieira, Luís Miguel Rocha e Maria González) continuam a publicar.

Cronologicamente, a lista começa com dois dos mais aclamados clássicos do século XVI: Luís de Camões e Fernão Mendes Pinto.

No século XIX, Eça de Queiroz aparece acompanhado por Fialho de Almeida, Júlio Dinis, Camilo Castelo Branco.

Ferreira de Castro, Manuel da Fonseca, Soeiro Pereira Gomes, Domingos Monteiro, Luís Sttau Monteiro, Fernando Namora, Camilo Pessanha, Alves Redol e Miguel Torga são os outros nomes da lista.

No conjunto, Sang Dapeng e Xian Tingting descobriram 41 títulos escritos por autores portugueses.

"Em comparação com a publicação literária de outras línguas estrangeiras, este número ainda é reduzido e não está à altura do desenvolvimento literário em pleno auge de língua portuguesa nos últimos anos", afirmam os dois investigadores chineses.

"Além disso, dado que uma grande parte desses livros foi publicada há muitos anos (os mais antigos datam da década de 50), é pouco possível que os leitores chineses os tenham à perfeita disposição", acrescentam.

Trata-se de um estudo de "enorme relevância para o desenvolvimento dos estudos de tradução e informação de interesse público", diz o editorial da Portu-Nês acerca do trabalho dos dois investigadores chineses.!
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Partenariat inédit Forem-UCL pour une maison des langues en 2017 à Louvain-la-Neuve

(Belga) L'université catholique de Louvain (UCL) et le Forem co-géreront à partir de 2017 une "maison des langues" au coeur de Louvain-la-Neuve, destinée tant aux formations professionnelles qu'aux étudiants de master en traduction provenant de l'école bruxelloise Marie-Haps.

Partenariat inédit Forem-UCL pour une maison des langues en 2017 à Louvain-la-Neuve

Ce projet est né des négociations sur le décret "Paysage" du ministre de l'enseignement supérieur Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS), à l'été 2013, entre l'UCL, l'ULB, Saint-Louis et les hautes écoles concernées, a rappelé le recteur de l'UCL Bruno Delvaux, en présentant mardi le projet à la presse. Les trois filières de traduction et interprétariat organisées par les hautes écoles bruxelloises étant destinées à intégrer le giron universitaire, l'accord politique a attribué à l'UCL une habilitation pour les masters en traduction à Louvain-la-Neuve, laissant l'interprétariat - plus chronophage et coûteux - à Bruxelles, avec possibilité de co-diplomation avec l'ULB. L'UCL ne bénéficiant d'aucun transfert d'infrastructures, le coût de l'accueil du master en traduction (quelque 120 étudiants sont attendus par an) a été estimé à 2,5 millions d'euros. Le ministre de l'Emploi et de la Formation, le cdH André Antoine, le Forem et l'UCL ont dès lors élaboré un projet de "maison des langues", injectant 3 millions d'euros de la Région wallonne pour le Forem, 2 millions d'euros de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles pour l'UCL, cette dernière offrant un apport en nature (terrain et infrastructures) estimé à 1 million d'euros. Au final, la "maison des langues" sera construite via une société immobilière à finalité sociale et offrira des formations aux demandeurs d'emploi ainsi qu'aux travailleurs en formation continue, en plus de l'accueil des étudiants issus du baccalauréat en traduction de Bruxelles. (Belga)!
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Google Traduction: plus d'utilisation sur mobile que sur le Web ?

Google Traduction est un service qui a le vent en poupe depuis de nombreuses années: appelé aussi Google Translate, ce service gratuit permet de traduire un mot, un texte directement sur Internet. Alors que la concurrence s’active avec notamment Reverso, mais aussi WordReference, le service de Google tient le coup et connait encore un afflux de la part d’internautes.

Mais la marge de progression de Google Traduction est notamment sur le mobile, et particulièrement les smartphones, où Google met le paquet pour convaincre de nouveaux utilisateurs: site optimisé pour les mobiles, applications par défaut pour les smartphones dans Android, Google Traduction est devenu un outil indispensable pour faire une traduction en ligne.!
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Bing rewards coming soon for Windows Phone users in United States | WinBeta

Everyone know what Bing is. Bing is a search engine created and rolled out by Microsoft in 2009. One of the key features of Bing is the Bing Rewards Program. It lets you search and earn points on the go. You can use those points and redeem them for different rewards. Each credit is worth $0.01 USD and you can earn up to 15 credits per day. You can use your points to redeem gift cards, subscriptions, sweepstakes, etc.

As you gain more credits, your Bing Rewards account upgrades from Bronze to Silver to Gold, which gives you certain features and discounts on rewards. It has been around for some time now but many people aren't aware that it exists. This feature is for people residing in United States only, for now. 

"Now you can search and earn on the go. And when you use Bing to search on your phone, you can earn even more credits. Now available on iOS and Android devices and coming soon to Windows Phone devices," the Bing Rewards page stated.

If you're in the United States, you can sign up for Bing's Reward Program (if you haven't) and start using it on your Windows Phone to earn points. Currently, only people with Windows Phone 8.1 can access it.  It was rolled out to iOS and Android before coming to Windows Phone. Everyone uses a search engine, whether it's Google or Bing, but with these reward programs, people will be switching. Who doesn't want to earn a few bucks with minimal effort?!
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BetaBoston - Allclasses launches search engine for classes and announces $1.5 million in funding

Boston-based Allclasses is launching a “Kayak” for online and offline courses today with a special event at the Boston Public Library.

The company also announced a $1.5 million round of funding from Floodgate, Great Oaks, Atlas Venture, Designer Fund, AngelList investment firm Maiden Lane, and a group of angel investors from Kayak, Amazon, and DataXu.

The Allclasses search engine, focused on online and local classes, will feature classes, seminars, workshops, and training in areas such as education, dance, fitness, yoga, cooking, art, and more.

The company plans on rolling out programs in different verticals as the year progresses and will first focus on the professional and continuing education market. Initially, Allclasses will offer 10,000 classes from its full collection of more than 1 million offerings.

In a statement, co-founder and chief executive Stephen Marcus explained that the uptick in interest in online learning has sparked an overflow of online and offline courses that can be a challenge to navigate.

“But until now,” he said, “those looking to take advantage of these new forms of learning or even traditional classroom experiences, have had no way to evaluate the millions of opportunities that exist in today’s marketplace based on the criteria of cost, quality, and accessibility. Allclasses will help fill that need and this round of funding will help us hone our platform to include even more classes from around the world.”!
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