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Now that summer’s here, at last. In my garden: pink roses against pure blue sky.

The Poetry Translation Centre hosted one of the best readings at Poetry Parnassus – poets reading with their translators. Everyone was particularly good aloud, but it’s the ‘reading with’, the collaborative nature of the event, that really made it special. (Can collaborative relationships on stage raise the quality of a reading?)

I did know about the Centre but had no idea of its scope. I’m writing about it partly because I think I’m not alone in this and want to share my discovery. The website is a great resource – texts of original poems with both the literal and final translations; audio too, in some cases; essays; and the pamphlets, which are parallel texts. (The Arts Council is a supporter.) The poets translated are all known in their own cultures. The literal translations are done by specialists, and the final versions by well-known English language poets. Coverage is of Asia, Africa and Latin America. I think many of the poets would be unknown here without the Centre’s work.

Here are some lines from ‘Must Escape’, by Farzaneh Khojandi from Tajikistan, translated by Jo Shapcott and Persian scholar Narguess Farzad: