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Portable MemoQ 6.0 Free Downloads - Flmsdown

Portable MemoQ 6.0 | 103 mb Language translation is not only an art, it’s a profession. Every profession has its tools.

Language translation is not only an art, it’s a profession. Every profession has its tools. If you translate for the same clients all the time, you will inevitably have to translate the same sentence again and again. Your clients will simply reuse content among different products of the same product line, among different versions or editions of the same product, or they will just modify a previously translated contract to match their needs.

As you work, you research terminology but unless you keep a glossary, chances are that you won't remember each and every term researched. In translation there are many tasks that you can facilitate with special software. memoQ addresses them all. It helps translators become more productive and deliver translations faster, and it helps companies – translation buyers – coordinate their translation efforts with translators and cut costs by not having the same content translated twice. Using memoQ you can deliver better quality human translations in less time.

memoQ is an integrated translation environment. When you work on documents, the documents come in a variety of file formats such as Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), DTP formats (such as Adobe InDesign or Framemaker), XML-based formats, HTML, localization formats (such as RESX or Java properties files), etc. memoQ separates the text from the formatting leaving you only the text to work on. When you are done with the translation, memoQ puts the target language back into the original format. This way formatting remains undisturbed, and you can work on a variety of file formats without having to learn a variety of tools.!
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Saving Time and Money with the Latest Translation Technologies Insight from the Creators of memoQ - : :

István Lengyel is COO at Kilgray Translation Technologies, who develop the successful translation memory tool, memoQ. István has been with Kilgray since 2005, and has worked in localization since 1998. He lives in Gyula, Hungary, and travels the world meeting clients, working as an IT consultant, and attending and running industry events.
Interview by Matt Train
You have been with Kilgray since the beginning and seen it grow into a real competitor in the Translation Memory tools market…it must have been quite a journey, with some ups and downs?
Yes, it was, or rather it still is, but it taught me one thing – to prefer hard work and responsibility over any genius. Yes, we are a talented bunch, yes, we always need a very clear vision, but like everyone else, we also made a lot of mistakes, and instead of paying for these mistakes with losses, we preferred to take a very modest approach and try to remain very approachable, and whenever we make a mistake, the management jumps in and helps out. Although there were some more important deals in the history of the company, there were very few real turning points, most of the growth that we achieved was organic, though fast.!
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