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Setting the tone when working with agencies

Setting the tone when working with agencies | Translation Tips aka #xl8tips |
When you decide to work with an agency, you are an equal business partner. As a freelance translator, an employee mindset needs to be abandoned as quickly as possible. When you communicate, adopt a professional, courteous tone and don’t see yourself as a servant. You are providing a service which your client, the agency, is purchasing. In other words, you are a professional whose skills are
hired for the duration of a project.

You decide on your rates, and the agency can accept them or, if you are too expensive, find another translator who is within their budget. You decide whether the agency’s proposed deadline fits in with your schedule or not. It’s important to bear in mind that it’s not the agency’s place to dictate prices or deadlines. You, as the professional being hired, stipulate these conditions. The same goes for payment terms. Decide for yourself what payment terms and methods are acceptable to you, and stick to them. Don’t accept anything you consider inappropriate (such as 60 days from the end of the month of invoice receipt).
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Translation Tips aka #xl8tips
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