What’s in a Name? The role of language in gender constructs | Discordia | Translation Studies, Corpus Linguistics, Academia | Scoop.it

“In English, all inanimate objects are neutral. Save, of course, an avid car enthusiast who might say ‘she’s a beast’ while polishing off the bonnet of their pride and joy.


A flower is just a flower – over time society has imbued that flower with supposedly ‘feminine’ traits – fragility, beauty, and to those who know nothing of their own ecosystems (or women, for that matter), for the most part decorative. But the neutral nature of our language leaves room for a shift in this notion – just as once, blue was deemed a ‘delicate and dainty’ colour and pink a ‘more decided and stronger’ one, all the humble flower needs is some heavy marketing campaign and we’ll realise ‘she’s a man after all’…”