Linguistics expert George Lakoff on how Obama blew the debate  | The Hook | Translation Studies, Corpus Linguistics, Academia |

“Lingistics professor George Lakoff, well known for his work on how politicians use language effectively or not in making arguments, has analyzed President Barrack Obama’s performance in last night’s debate and he’s not impressed. Here’s what he published on today:

You don’t win a presidential debate by being a policy wonk. Obama violated all the basics of presidential debating. The best defense is a good offense. You have to set the terms of the debate and press those terms. Obama failed. Here are those basics:

State your moral values. Contrast them with your opponent’s.

Project empathy and enthusiasm. Connect.

Communicate clearly and simply.

Be authentic. Say just what you believe.

Project trust.

Present an authentic view of yourself that the public can identify with and be proud of.

Obama did none of this. Instead he talked about policy details.”