What does IntelliWebSearch do? | Translation | Scoop.it

Pressing a convenient shortcut key combination:
1. copies highlighted text from practically any Windows application, such as your translation environment tool;
2. opens your default browser (or other browser of your choice) and sends the copied text to one of up to fifty user preset search engines, on-line dictionaries or on-line encyclopaedias together with other customizable instructions which limit the search according to the advanced search options available for the engine/dictionary/encyclopaedia chosen. Alternatively it can send the same text and instructions to local dictionaries on CD-ROM or installed on your hard disk. 


Another convenient shortcut key combination copies any text highlighted in your browser or local dictionary (the solution to your terminology problem) and returns to the original application, where you can choose to paste it in using the application's own paste function.


All this saves the busy translator or terminologist an enormous amount of time.