Trademark Registration Services
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Trademark Registration Services
We TM-INDIA one of the leading Trademark registration service providers in India. This portal was launched in 2007 and now it has become the leading IPR (Trademark, Patent, Copyright, and Design) service providers in India and Abroad.
With the development of the Indian and Foreign economy, Intellectual Property Rights and Management have come of age. More and more companies have realized the value of intellectual property and are taking proactive steps to protect and exploit it prudently. In this highly dynamic scenario business has escalated considerably. It is to be noted that in the last few years the importance of Intellectual Property Rights has increased considerably. The increase in competition has tempted people to commit intellectual frauds/ wrong which have indirectly affected the business at large.
Thus, on this note we urge you to protect your Intellectual Products such as trademarks, patent, copyright and design so that the business and reputation can be safeguarded properly.

Trademark Registration and Other Services for Domestic and International Clients
- TM-INDIA offers all IPR services including Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Design services to its International and Domestic Clients from last 6 Years,

- TM-INDIA with has the record of filing the maximum number of trademark, design, patent and copyright application within a short span of time.

- TM-INDIA has a dedicated IPR Department to serve the clients. The Group comprises three Departments, viz. Trade Marks Department Patents Department, and Department for Copyright and Designs.

- TM-INDIA has a professional team of experienced Trademark and Patent attorneys and technical experts specialized in IP laws.

- TM-INDIA covers all aspects of intellectual property related matters and also handles Litigation matters and offer consultancy.

- TM-INDIA Trade Marks Department renders services on all aspects of Trade Mark laws and practice, we have expert Trademark Agents and attorneys; The Patents Department comprises patent attorneys and experts capable of handling the whole gamut of legal matters relating to Patents, including drafting specifications, patent applications and licensing; The Department for Copyright and Designs handles all matters relating to the registration and licensing of copyrights. We expertise in the following areas:

 Prosecution of trademark, copyrights, designs and patents
 Registration and maintenance of the Intellectual Rights worldwide
 Monitoring of misappropriation of clients’ proprietary rights
 Advice on acquisition, sale and licensing of such rights

Contact us at: +91-8800100281 / 09810045265
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Trademark Renewal to Protect Trademark from Cancellation

Trademark Renewal to Protect Trademark from Cancellation | Trademark Registration Services |

Prevent your trademark registration from being cancelled by renewing  your registered trademark on time. A trademark owner must periodically file application for trademark renewal to protect trademark from cancellation. It may renew after every 10 years from the date of registration. Contact here for hassle free trademark protection service.

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Best Platform for Trademark Registration in India

Best Platform for Trademark Registration in India | Trademark Registration Services |

We are a leading IPR service provider company in india with endeavor of always attempt best services of trademark registration and also other services such as copyright, patent, brand and logo registration worldwide.A strong and legally valid trademark always give effective branding to your company, business, products and services.

For best services contact us at Email: Contact No:   08800100281 / 85  Or  09810045265


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