“We Need A Fundamentally Different Way To Create A Brand”: An Agency CEO Sums Up The State Of Advertising | Tracking Transmedia | Scoop.it

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"...Now in the life of a brand there is a continuous stream of actions every day and they all can’t try to create a huge news day for a brand. We also need to create snackable content, bits and bites--shareable, playable, postable quips that maintain our strong relationship and give the world something to talk about. In these spaces our press release technique begins to evolve into tweets-the more intimate version of a press release. Where the result can be called social currency.


And, not surprisingly, sometimes people would rather talk about themselves than our brand. So how does our brand become a vehicle or conduit for THEIR story? Our brand has to know and communicate our story but it has to also be able to tell the consumer’s story, literally. Understanding this potential for contribution is key because this may be more valuable to them than the product or service itself. That’s the future of word of mouth. Ultimately when it all comes together, real magic happens. It’s way more than an integrated campaign. It’s literally a new way to go to market, to create and grow a brand that drives powerful results....


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