Portal-creator Kim Swift launches Quantum Conundrum on Xbox and PS3 (Wired UK) | Tracking Transmedia | Scoop.it

Quantum Conundrum, a brain-busting puzzle game from Portal-creator Kim Swift, is available to download from Xbox Live and the PlayStation 3 Store.


Just like in Portal (by Valve), you're run through a series of puzzle rooms where the door is locked up tight until you've figured out the solution. Instead of a wormhole-making gun, you've got the Interdimensional Shift Device (IDS) which lets you swap between different dimensions.


Each dimension has its own properties. The Fluffy Dimension makes everything as light as a feather, while the Heavy Dimension causes objects to become as heavy as lead. The Slow Dimension makes time crawl, and the Gravity Dimension makes objects fly into the air....