In Filmmaking Now, Directors Become Programmers And Programmers Become Gods | Tracking Transmedia |

'If you’ve ever read Neal Stephenson’s postcyberpunk epic The Diamond Age, you’ll know there’s a moment where a young actress pays several years’ salary for a surgery. It places millions of dots at spots on her skin--dots that would allow computers to track the intricacies of expression in a digital realm, to allow her to act as any avatar.

Clouds, an experimental film by James George and Jonathan Minard, shows that Stephenson’s vision of the future was a bit wrong. Now we can create detailed, 3-D avatars with just a Kinect, a stock SLR camera and a bit of custom post production--no cybernetic tattoos required. (If the project looks familiar, it’s because the team shared their technique on a Reddit AMA a few months back.)...'