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Rescooped by siobhan-o-flynn from Documentary Evolution!

Interactivity as a “story disruptor” series: Brett Gaylor pt. 1

Interactivity as a “story disruptor” series: Brett Gaylor pt. 1 | Tracking Transmedia |

"Editor Joe Botana (@Zbutcher) and I [Eric Wise] interview Brett Gaylor, documentary filmmaker and director of Mozilla’s Popcorn.js project.

Brett talks about his background as a documentarian, his frustrations with the limitations of early Web distribution and how he convinced an Internet titan to care about the future of filmmaking."

Via mirmilla
siobhan-o-flynn's insight:

The idea of "interactivity as a 'story disruptor" is an old one & there are design strategies for interactivity that reverse that model. Must listen to the whole video(s) - bookmarking

mirmilla's curator insight, January 11, 2013 6:25 AM


Another confirmation (if there was any need) that innovation is almost always the result of different skills collaboration.

Scooped by siobhan-o-flynn!

How the #Mozparty is changing Popcorn: New Blog Post by Brett Gaylor

How the #Mozparty is changing Popcorn: New Blog Post by Brett Gaylor | Tracking Transmedia |

This is a detailed post that has been a long time coming. In summary: • Popcorn has achieved a lot in the last 5 months
• We’re discovering that our template model is creating too much complexity
• We’re realizing that Popcorn is a powerful media literacy tool
• We’re increasing our focus on Popcorn Maker as a remixer

Over the last 5 months, the Popcorn team has been busy. While expanding our focus from Popcorn.js to include the Popcorn Maker app, we have shipped 7 releases, closed over 835 tickets, been featured on the mainstage of TedGlobal, had a brand and UX review by the best in the business, created an educational curriculum for young people, and shipped a new version of our web app. The team has grown - Bobby Richter has been joined by developers Jon Buckley, Scott Downe, and our UX intern Kate Hudson who has become a leader in the project. Our collaboration with the Center for the Development of Open Technology has continued - David Humphrey has taken an increasingly active role in the engineering leadership at the Mozilla Foundation, and new researchers have joined our core contributors there. Its been a heady several months. Luckily we’ve had a few cakes to celebrate our release, or we might have gone crazy....

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