Toys for Toddlers
Under $25!

Hello this is Mew's Review's with 5 great Toys for Toddlers that are under $25. If you are on a budget or are just looking for a little something gift. There is no reason to compromise on education and fun when looking for a toy. To help you on your quest we give you 5 interactive toys for toddlers. Our first Toys for toddlers is the Playskool Learnimals ABC Adventure Elefun Toy. This toy caught my because it was sooo darn cute. Then once I started playing with it I totally fell in love with it, and so did both my 10 month old nephew and 24 month daughter. It shows to be for ages 6-36 months and unlike some toys, it seems to span the age gap quite well. For younger children it is a great cause and effect toy with fun music and lights, the older kids it is an entertaining way to learn abc and animals. Its like having fun interactive flash cards! A wonderful all around fit for the Educational toys for toddlers category.  Here we have Playskool Learnimals Count with me Giraffalaff Toy. Other than the abc, toddlers are also learning their 123's.  This is fun interactive toy is small enough to throw in a diaper bag, entertaining enough to keep your toddlers attention, and it also falls under the educational heading which parents love. An interesting feature of this toy is that it does this in both English and Spanish. Lets have a listen. This next one is my favorite toy for younger toddlers.  It is the Playskool Elefun and Friends Shapes n Colors turtle toy.  It is small enough for them to tote around, and durable enough to handle a bit of teething. I love the simplicity of the design, and yet it still has great teaching capability with four play modes which cover color, shapes, and music. It is a wonder for starter educational toy. The VTech Sing and Discover Story Piano was and is still a favorite in our household. It was a great when we were looking for Toys for 1 year olds, and still had things to offer when we needed Toys for 2 year olds. It has sooo much to offer from short nursery rhymes to familiar kids tunes, different musical instrument sounds, shapes colors, and a microphone to help your future idol contestant practice.  As a side note, I was worried about the durability of the microphone due to the drool factor, and was pleasantly surprised that once it dried out it would work again. Now that we have our toddler's minds going lets get their bodies active as well with the fisher price musical lion walker. The activity table front inspires the development of fine motor skills, the push bar and height encourage standing, the wheels entice some steps, and the music that plays helps to put a bounce and smile in those steps. This is MewsReviews thanking you for taking a look at our top 5 toys for toddlers under $25 gift ideas. For more Toddler Toys gift ideas and reviews please visit us at where you can let Mew be your gift muse. Hot Toy List 2013 ! We want to know what you think. So, don't be afraid to leave a comment and let us know! Where you can let Mew be your gift muse! Good luck and happy gifting!