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Navigating the online travel landscape - a guide for startups

Navigating the online travel landscape - a guide for startups | TourNative |

We all know Priceline, Expedia and Orbitz. But if you are shocked to find FC USA on that list (ahead of Orbitz in fact), join the club. I was shocked at how few of the names I recognized. There were BILLION dollar companies in this industry, operating successfully for decades, that I hadn’t even heard of. 

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Stunning Skyscraper Images of a Frozen Toronto

Stunning Skyscraper Images of a Frozen Toronto | TourNative |
If you've recently checked out our Facebook page, you'll recognize the shot above. (It's presently our cover photo.) Photographer Ronnie Yip took the spectacu…

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What To Do In Madrid

What To Do In Madrid | TourNative |
You will find many things to do in Madrid in December. The city offers interesting plans such as Nativity Scenes exhibitions and a special market

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What to do in Madrid's curator insight, January 7, 2014 5:28 AM

Things to do in Madrid

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10 Unique Train Trips

10 Unique Train Trips | TourNative |
Love train travel? These railways offer a unique window on the world, cutting a swath through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth: 1.

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Must do this amazing trips someday

OdysseyTreks's curator insight, January 7, 2014 11:55 AM

One of my favourite ways to travel is by train. The train provides the perfect comfort and allows you to see each countries landscape, people and everyday life. 

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Mobile Trends 2014 for Travel and Tourism

An overview of the trends in mobile for 2014, and how they influence travel and tourism.

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mise en valeur de la place du mobile dans le tourisme

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Top 5 in-flight trends to look out for in 2014

Top 5 in-flight trends to look out for in 2014 | TourNative |

We round up the key onboard passenger experience trends to watch out for in 2014, including personalisation, crew empowerment, IFE and in-flight calls.

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Anything that is an improvment in the whole experience is fine with me!

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5 Predictions For Outbound Chinese Tourists In 2014

5 Predictions For Outbound Chinese Tourists In 2014 | TourNative |

It is always perilous to make sweeping predictions about China, given its recent emergence as a global retail power and the continuing uncertainty about the future of its economic growth model, but our attempt at 2014 Chinese tourism fortune telling follows:

1. Going it alone. Individual tourism will represent a larger percentage of overall Chinese overseas travel. As the effects of China’s new Tourism Law percolate throughout the industry, the prices of group tours have increased, drastically reducing the cost differential between group and individual travel. We therefore expect to see an increase in independent travelers as Chinese tourists become more comfortable with booking and traveling on their own or with friends and family. We may also see fewer large bus tours as VIP groups shrink, with the average group now smaller than 10 people, in most markets.

2. Raising the bar. What seemed to work easily for brands in attracting and engaging Chinese travelers last year won’t work this year, as consumers’ sophistication and preferences are evolving rapidly. Virtually all tourism destinations and luxury brands have begun to target Chinese travelers in some fashion, making the competitive landscape more and more crowded in attracting this very influential tourist—the era of low-hanging fruit has passed. Brands and tourism destinations need to innovate faster than competitors in providing compelling service and experiences for Chinese customers. The product development mantra “Ready, Fire, Aim,” comes to mind.

3. Making the connection. Tencent’s WeChat, the innovative social network that is rapidly evolving beyond its WhatsApp-like roots, will become a compulsory social media application for luxury brands seeking to connect and build loyalty with Chinese tourists. With more than 600 million users in China, virtually every overseas Chinese tourist has a WeChat account and uses it daily to communicate with friends while traveling. WeChat allows brands to engage in a more personal conversation than they can with Sina’s Weibo. If you are not looking closely at WeChat, then you are already trailing far behind your most important customer.

4. Thinking outside the box. Chinese tourists will expand the depth and breadth of desired tourism destinations in 2014. Following the explosion of interest in visiting Yellowstone National Park and other destinations outside the traditional New York-Los Angeles-Las Vegas-San Francisco bubble during the summer of 2013, we expect to see increased tourism from China to lesser-known destinations like Spain, Portugal, Prague, Texas, and Brazil during 2014. The current “first wave” of Chinese outbound tourists is growing more sophisticated as better and deeper sources of information are reaching them. If you are a destination or brand, you need to make sure that you stay in the mix.

5. Considering alternatives. Chinese consumers are increasingly open-minded and curious in their brand selections. While we will surely see continued interest in the top-tier luxury brands, some of which have achieved near-ubiquity in China, we are also seeing Chinese consumers looking further afield for subtle, high-quality products. With all indications that the government crackdown on corruption will continue, at least through the first half of 2014, we expect this trend to accelerate.

Via Paul Sloan, Tourism Australia
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