SXSW: Millennials Trust User-Generated Content 50% More Than Traditional Media - SocialTimes | Tourism Innovation |

User-generated content makes up 30 percent of millennials media time, and they trust it 35 percent more than other sources.


The findings provide marketers with insights into millennials’ media habits and how to access them. This generation will soon have record-breaking purchasing power and the study confirms that millennials are most influenced by user-generated content.


As a whole, millennials spend a whopping 18 hours per day consuming different media across several devices. User-generated content makes up 30 percent of that time (5.4 hours), second only to traditional media like print, television and radio at 33 percent. But millennials trust information found in user-generated content 50 percent more than information from traditional media sources and find user-generated content 35 percent more memorable than other sources....

Via Jeff Domansky