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Toulouse networks
Networking in Toulouse - Réseautage de la Ville Rose
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A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score « Measuring Online Influence: The Official Klout Blog

A More Accurate, Transparent Klout Score « Measuring Online Influence: The Official Klout Blog | Toulouse networks |
Today we’re releasing a new scoring model with insights to help you understand changes in your influence. This project represents the biggest step forward in accuracy, transparency and our technology in Klout’s history. Joe shared the full vision behind these changes in his post last week.

Influence is the ability to drive action and is based on quality, not quantity. When someone engages with your content, we assess that action in the context of the person’s own activity. These principles form the basis of our PeopleRank algorithm which determines your Score based on:

how many people you influence,
how much you influence them and
how influential they are.
We analyze 2.7 billion pieces of content and connections daily. Reaching this scale, we’ve introduced significant upgrades to our platform, allowing us to handle this explosive growth. Now, we can add more networks and other sources of your influence much, much faster.

Insights help you understand why your Score changed. Each day, you can see which subscore and people in your network caused that change. You can also view insights on your friends’ profiles.


These changes are a significant milestone in the Klout Score’s evolution and you can continue to expect more improvements in the future. As always, your opinion is very important to us and we’d love to hear your feedback.

How will this affect my Score?

A majority of users will see their Scores stay the same or go up but some users will see a drop. In fact, some of our Scores here at the Klout HQ will drop — our goal is accuracy above all else. We believe our users will be pleased with the improvements we’ve made. Below is a distribution of the Score changes. You’ll note large decreases in Score are rare.

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La matrice d’influence du Klout

La matrice d’influence du Klout | Toulouse networks |

Il existe finalement 3 piliers qui composent un profil Klout Score:
- Le Klout Score lui-même
- Les Topics d’influence
- Une tentative de qualification de la nature de participation que chaque Klouted incarne sur les médias sociaux : êtes-vous un curator? Un leader d’opinion? Un spécialist?
C’est sur ce dernier point que vient d’apparaitre ce schéma fort intéressant sur la façon dont Klout modélise sa matrice d’influence.

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