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So let me begin with the beginning of my computer troubles. I'm sure if this is the reason of my recent computer troubles, but you might know better than me. In May I split quite a bit of diet Sprite on the keyboard of my 2 1/2 year old Toshiba Satelite Pro M15 laptop it immediately turn off, but I dried as much of it up as I could and left it sit out open all night it started up but the fan sounded kind fun. It was still under extended warranty, so with the hope that they somehow wouldn't notice that I split soda I sent it in, but since my screen had broken spots they wouldn't look at it. When I got it back, the fan no longer sounded so back, and it worked ok.

They bring us up to recent times, about a month ago, my computer went static and my sound died. From that time on I've had nothing but problems. The sound has been static, or a high pitch beep. It had been freezing up all the time. And it often went to blue screen with the error stop 0x0000007F. Finally, last night I was working on it and it was actually working pretty good. I left for awhile, came back and it was off. I tried turning it back on, nothing. The LED light for the AC adapter ison, and the light for the battery is blinking. When I press power both go off then come back on. I tried taking the battery out and starting it, still nothing. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what was wrong with it, if it was worth it to take it to get it fix or if I should try to get a new one. And if the new problems are connected to the spillage. Any response would be greatly appreciated, thank you.