Toronto Rentals Apartments for Rent
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Scooped by James Bradley!

Toronto Rentals Apartments for Rent

Toronto Rentals Apartments for Rent | Toronto Rentals Apartments for Rent |









Toronto Rentals Apartments for Rent
1315 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON M3A 3R3
(416) 910-7722



Started in 1995, was previously known as The company has evolved into one of Canada’s largest apartment rental sites, with thousands of people a day from almost every country in the world visiting their website looking for a place to rent. Toronto Rentals will get their clients’ units rented for much less than print advertising by putting together a "Photo Tour" that will allow renters to walk through the apartment units on the Internet.


This photo tour includes: up to 12 interior photos (an arrow is programmed to move around the floor plan to indicate where each photo was taken), up to 20 photos of the amenities, laundry room, lobby, nearby stores, exterior of building and/or whatever else compliments the building, a detailed description of all the building’s features, company information and a link that directs traffic to the client’s existing website, a 360 degree panorama of the largest room of each suite, a link to Google Maps, Street View and Facebook, monthly updates of vacancies, prices and specials, a login to view all the details of the building which lists traffic stats, current costs, active and non active listings and more (optional), a custom made exterior sign advertising the client’s phone number and/or the web address to the photo tour mentioned above (optional).


The company also draws floor plans when none exist or enhance existing floor plans with dimensions, color, texture, shadowing and more. They invest to rank higher and more often on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Toronto Rentals has ads running in many of the major newspapers, and since they do not charge for these signs, many of their clients take advantage of having signs outside of their building with the company’s web address and a link directly to their listing.

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