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3 Skills Needed To Be A Successful Social Media Manager

3 Skills Needed To Be A Successful Social Media Manager | Topic Six |
Social media is a complex mix of communication. It’s lots of different people with differences in personality, emotions, generations, needs, expectations, careers, backgrounds, and cultures.

Via Ivo Nový
Amy Davidson's insight:

Great article about using communication through social media, and how to be successful in doing so. Made up of the three steps: people, generational fluency, and personality, this article touches on the significance of using social media in a positive and company-developing way. 



Michelle Kim's comment, September 26, 2013 10:04 AM
@Sienna Jang
I totally agree with you opinion about social media is not much different between society. You have said that social media is for young generation but i think lot of people from age 40 to 60 are using social media as well. i think that you have a good points of the managers have to be creative and resourceful , humorous and flexible to be successful social media manager.
Reuben Gordon Dalziel's comment, September 26, 2013 4:14 PM
I agree with Amy's comment concerning the importance of social media and marketing. Marketers are able to gain a massive advantage by promoting their business through social media because of the large number of online tools and wide consumer database.
Kevin yau's comment, September 26, 2013 8:00 PM
@Sienna Jang
I think social media is really a complex mix of communication. It requires a lot of skills for those people who want to leaders of social media. And there are some tips provided to help people to understand this point and i think this is very helpful. I agree withe you that about the users of social media are young people and they are the group that need to be more focusing on.
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How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement?

How are brands using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement? | Topic Six |
Audience involvement is the process and act of actively involving your target audience in your communication mix, in order to increase their engagement with your message as well as advocacy to your brand.

Via Alex Butler
Amy Davidson's insight:

This article was particularly insightful into what a business can achieve through social media, but also allows consumers to actively use their social media to be involved with the chosen company or product. In other words, successful social media usage may come from hosting competitions through photos or videos, allowing consumers to post themselves with the product and feel part of a larger campaign or an active audience. 


It does involve a great mixture of including consumers in the product campaign, using social media to benefit the campaign, and further use of YouTube or image hosting sites to create a vast communication mix.

Kristy Leong's comment, September 26, 2013 6:43 AM
@Janessa’s comment, How are brands using audience…” I think that this article was a good read and easy to follow and understand what they were saying about the communication mix process. I agree with Janessa that it could be the future for creative advertising as they are advertising the feedback from their consumers, which shows their loyalty basis. The 3 approaches discussed in the article are all based on consumer engagement online, which I think that it’s great to get a variety of a communication mix.
Reuben Gordon Dalziel's comment, September 26, 2013 4:21 PM
Social media is able to establish and build strong connections and engagements from businesses to audiences if used correctly. This particular demonstrates how marketers can use social media as a platform to extend their and improve their brand image. If used correctly, it can be a big part of the overall communication mix and allow the company to interact with consumers through videos, competitions and other forms of involvement, thus building a relationship with consumers.
Alysse Woodward's comment, September 26, 2013 8:57 PM
This article had me thinking; this approach using audience involvement to increase reach and engagement is a very good example of what supermarkets are doing at the moment, New World with their mini groceries and Countdown with their cutlery. Customers send a certain amount at their supermarket and in return get rewarded with a tangible item. This encourages customers to spend more (New World you have to spend $40 to get one mini grocery). For example I shopped at New World and spent $74 the lady at the counter asked me if I want to spend an extra $6 on something so I could receive a second mini grocery, so I did. Because I was encouraged to spend more money with New World I did because I was getting something in return. This had me engaged as a customer as I want to collect as many as possible. This campaign also attracts other customers that don’t shop at New World to change where they shop and go to New World instead. It also engages children as they want to collect all the mini groceries so they encourage their parents to shop at New World.