Email Marketing Vs. Marketing Automation | DMX-Direct | Topic Eight: Direct Marketing |

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With Email Marketing, every email subscriber on your list is going to receive the same email at the same time. Email marketing can be effective, but it’s very limited and short-sighted. You can track opens and clicks all day, but what do you really learn about your prospects’ interest levels?


Marketing Automation eliminates the need to sift through data to find quality and closeable leads. Prospects who respond to marketing materials are scored and nurtured accordingly; and the entire process is completely automated. Marketing Automation even allows you to send a given email at the time that your prospect is most likely in their inbox. Sales productivity and marketing effectiveness increase and time and money are saved. Furthermore, Marketing Automation allows marketers to know exactly where their efforts are paying off; where they may be falling short, then be nimble with adjusting accordingly.


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