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Week 8 - Direct Marketing and consumer engagement

Week 8 - Direct Marketing and consumer engagement | topic 6 |

Via Alex Wang
Florencelii's insight:

This article is about how important consumer engagement is to a business and a brand. Marketers can now engage with the consumer/buyer through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. And the study shows that the rate of the public facing blog is increasing in the past few years. That is, the marketers just have to follow the trends to achieve the result of consumer engagement. Through social network, the brands will gain more attention of the customers and also build a relationship with them. Interaction with the customers is always important to marketing. Gaining feedback from customers is really important for a company to improveitself, and engaging with them is what they have to do to communicate with the customers. 

Alex Wang's comment, September 26, 2013 10:30 PM
I have also read this article. I agree with you, the social network provides another new channel to communicate with its customers. In the past, if companies want to collect feedback from customers, they have to get the feedback by face-to-face or telephone or feedback notes, but now they can get all the information from internet.
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Week 8 - Direct marketing and consumer engagement

Week 8 - Direct marketing and consumer engagement | topic 6 |
The tentacles of customer experience extend to marketing and sales in ways that unite them.

Via Alex Wang
Florencelii's insight:

Direct marketing is about knowing your market. Sales people plays an important role in it, direct marketing can be related to customer engagement by how the sales people make the customers feel. For example if the sales people can remember the name of the customers it will make the customers feel so important. And they will eventually become loyal customer. Because face to face marketing is always the best way of direct marketing and if the sales people can use it to achieve customer engagement then it is even better. 

Alex Wang's comment, September 26, 2013 10:33 PM
Hi, Florence. Most of the consumers do like the salespeople to recognize them, because they would feel the salespeople treat them as important customers. And face-to-face marketing somehow works better than any other strategies.
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Branding Communities: A Consumer’s Perspective - Business 2 Community

Branding Communities: A Consumer’s Perspective - Business 2 Community | topic 6 |

When analyzing branding communities we hear a lot of analysis focusing on the brand. This post examines the consumer’s motivations to follow brands on different social media platforms and their expectations when they join these branding communities.


How Consumers Use Branding Communities on Social Media Platforms


Consumers use branding communities to engage with brands. Consumers use branding communities first to share their opinions about a certain brand. Since most brands now actively respond to individual comments, there is mutual engagement between the brand and the consumer. Second, consumers “like” social media platforms such as the Facebook pages of these brands because wait for it, they actually buy and use their products. This is one of the most important factors because this is part of what motivates a consumer to join a branding community....

Via Jeff Domansky, Alex Wang
Florencelii's insight:


Social media becoming like a trend of marketing. Marketers used social network such as Facebook to engage with their customer. The customer gets to inform the news of the brand through the page and also leave comments on it. The Brands sometimes also provides discounts or voucher online to the people who liked their page. These are the great ways for gaining attentions of the customer and building loyalty.

I like this article of how it shows real facts with statistic support; it makes the content more convincing. It shows that most of the consumer trusts the words of mouth of their friends and family more than the message of the brands like advertising and email.

Janis Wu's comment, August 21, 2013 5:28 AM
Consumers are more likely to select their favourite or 'like' brands to look at via social media tools. Marketers should use this advantage to promote directly to their target customers. Using social media is a very effective and efficient way to communicate or engage with their customers. The reason is that, it is directly to target customers and allowing other people to have the same service and message in the same time. Nowadays are well difficult to give the wrong or mislead the information to the customers therefore marketers or companies could use social media or other marketing communication tools to communication thoroughly to their potential or current customers. Using social media could be more engagements between the company and its customers. This is a very useful marketing strategy!
Irene Laulu's curator insight, July 31, 2014 8:47 PM

Brand Parity.

The brand parity is not differentiated from its competition, so that consumers develop no brand preference and buy on price which means they choose the cheapest price but not the quality. Some customers prefer the price no matter what condition the brand is but some people they prefer to the brand.  For example Facebook is the most popular social media or brand nowadays how people use this website to communicate with their families and friends. Business use Facebook as their way to advertise their product or services. This is also the cheapest way to communicate with other customers or business.


This relate to one of the communication barriers "Noise" Social media ‘noise’ is at an all time high,  your customers will be actively having to filter out this noise, deciding what they choose to pay attention to. As Facebook become more popular brand in the world this can motivate other customers that haven't been on Facebook yet.


Brand should be positioned so that the target audience will perceive it as different from other brands for example twitter, skype etc. However the brand can tells the customers how the quality of the product and kind of services that each company try to advertise especially online.


My perspective is that Brand is very important because if I am willing to pay more for what I perceive is a valuable benefit.


@Ashleigh Ali




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Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement

Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement | topic 6 |
Burgeoning digital channels and new avenues of customer insight give marketers new opportunities to build affinity and sales through direct marketing.

Via Gaia Adni
Florencelii's insight:

Direct marketing is becoming more and more important nowadays, it becomes the most efffective way to promote a product or service. Direct marketing always happens through the internet, social network like facebook and Twitter. The company can create a facebook page to post the new products on the page and the facebook user who followed that page can see the post on their news feed, actually not just the one who followed but because this kind of post always gets a lots of likes, it will eventially pop up on the news feed of the facebook user who doesnt like the page. They can also comment on the facebook page to let the company knows what their customer thinks about them or the new product, it helps to create emotional bonds between the marketers and the consumer.


I like this article about how it poited out the main point of direct marketing. And i think direct marketing is about convenience as well. Theres an example in this article about an airline which you can designed a customised flight for yourself, by providing your information and the tool will select the best price and time for the customer. And this company even has a smart phone app. They make all the things so simple for the customer. This is how they increased 28% of profit last year.


Alex Wang's comment, September 26, 2013 10:36 PM
I like the example you used, Florence. It is always so crucial to have interaction with customers. Through the communications, customers would think they are considered as a member of the societies. And getting customers involved, they will become more loyalty to the brand.