Modernism + Nature: the Tower Studio in Shoal Bay, Newfoundland | Top CAD Experts updates |

The ‘Tower Studio’ is dramatically situated on a stretch of rocky coastline in Shoal Bay, Newfoundland, where no roads guide your way and which is only reached by hiking.

Part of an architectural series by Saunders Architecture the Fogo Island Arts Corporation, the studio’s sculptural silhouette leans both forward and backward as it twists upward.

The studio is comprised of three levels with an overall height of thirty-two feet. Its entry area is equipped with a kitchenette, a compost toilet and wood- burning fireplace. Its second level is a studio, day lit by generous skylight.

At times, the stark abstract forms of the studios all painted black seem to disappear into the foggy weather, typical on Fogo Island. Inside everything is painted in a shiny white and as one passes up the white ladder through the horizontal opening one will stand on the roof- top deck with the view of the ocean and the rocky wind-swept terrain around you...

Via Lauren Moss