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This four-bedroom vacation home is a study in spatial efficiency, coming in under 2,000 SF of living area including 1,700 SF of modular construction and 240 SF of site-built construction.

The design can be adapted to any site of the owners choosing. The two-story factory-built modular house has a reverse living plan to maximize available terraces and views for the primary family kitchen, dining and living areas, while tucking three bedrooms and a master suite into the lower level.

Conceived specifically to touch lightly on the landscape both during and after construction, this home is ideal for flood-prone areas. This home is comprised of two living volumes that are joined by a prefabricated, site assembled entrance staircase that provides an immediate visual and physical connection to the upper level.

Each volume is made of two stacked modular units, that when raised on piloti, allow the landscape to move through and under the house that provides an environmentally sensitive and visually dramatic design solution...

Via Lauren Moss