Solhuset Climate-Friendly Nursery by Christensen & Co. Architects | Top CAD Experts updates |
Designed by Christensen & Co. Architects for kindergarten age and younger, this solar-powered, net-positive energy building is sited on a triangular lot in Copenhagen's bedroom community of Hoersholm.

The roof's design was ideal for mounting the photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, which are positioned to capture the most light possible. With 2,691 square feet of PV panels, "the building produces 0.75 kWh per square foot more than it consumes each year," according to Treldal, exporting energy during the eight months of the year with the most sunlight, and importing it during the four months of shorter days. A green roof of sedum is interspersed among the panels, cooling the building, the panels, and controlling storm-water runoff. High-performance wood, compressed to ensure hardness, clads the exterior...

Via Lauren Moss