April 2, 2014 – London, UK – The uHot app is now available in the iTunes store. This trendy and hot new application stores personal information for busy women who are constantly on-the-go; it is one of the best apps for girls.


Dubbed “the lady’s assistant,” this app can manage all types of appointments, including those for beauty, health and fitness and general appointments. In addition, uHot tracks purchases made and errands run.


Available for $6.99, this must-have app is easy to navigate, further facilitating organization. It’s visually appealing, too, making it fun to use.


This top girl app gives users several view options are available, including weekly, daily and list. List view enables users to select a specific activity from the app’s existing subcategories. Over 100 total subcategories are available, including beauty, health, fitness, shopping, errands and other.


Event details can also be managed with this organizer app. Users are able to save the event’s date, time and location. There is also a spot to save any additional contact information. Reminders can be set for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour before a scheduled activity so that users never miss an appointment.


This period calendar app includes another convenient feature that enables users can set events to recur – they’ll never miss another birthday or anniversary again.


This personal assistant-like device can be used in several languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Española, Svensk, Русский and Українська.


Download requirements for this app are iOS 7.0 or later and 5.8 MB of free space. For more information, please visit the app’s website: http://uhotapp.com/

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