Top 5 Rated Boarding Schools in the US for Troubled Teens
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Top 5 Rated Boarding Schools in the US for Troubled Teens
When your teen begins to display behavior that is out of the ordinary, you should act fast in getting them the help that they need. There are different types of boarding schools in the US that focus solely on educating and supporting troubled teens. Such boarding schools provide around the clock services that can help your teen to overcome their challenges and face life head on in a more positive way. To get you started in your search for boarding schools for your troubled teen, here are a few of the top rated schools in the US: 1.Academy at Swift River – This therapeutic boarding school for teens is located in Massachusetts. It is highly regarded in helping teens to turn over a new leaf and start a new beginning. The school has on site teachers, counselors, and clinical therapists that are trained to assist with any behavioral problems. 2.Logan River Academy – Another therapeutic boarding school is Logan River which is located in Utah. The school prides itself on being able to help teens achieve a well balanced life. They have successfully helped students suffering from anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, anger management, and many behavioral difficulties. 3.Shelterwood – Shelterwood is a Christian therapeutic boarding school located in Missouri. The school focuses on helping teens with behavioral issues through medical and biblical strategies. The school is top rated in its area and is also known to be one of the lower cost schools in the area. 4.River View Christian Academy – Another Christian boarding school is River View located in California. This school offers firm but loving instruction and mentoring for troubled teens. The school is best known for its ability to keep parents involved throughout the course of a school year. 5.Turning Winds Academic Institute – Last but not least on the list of therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens is Turning Winds located in Idaho. Their 12 month treatment options allow for students to learn about themselves, become more aware, and have a more positive outlook on life. These schools are rated among the top five for multiple reasons. Doing your research on schools before enrolling is key. Talk with the counselors, staff, and especially your teen about the best options for the family as a whole. Working with a school that has the professional means to assist your teen as well as overall compassion and support will be important during their teen years. Starting them off right will prepare them for college and the wonderful life that lies ahead of them.
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