Just about everything Zuhdi Jasser says in this video is exactly right--except the part about the "Islamists" not being the true representation of Islam. However truthful Jasser may be up to the last point, whenever he speaks, the fairytale about his bizarrely reinterpreted brand of faux-Islam being "true Islam" is where Jasser always sharply diverges from reality.

Jasser's disconnect brings up an important issue that has become a major sticking point between the various people, organizations, and movements that make up the "Counter-Jihad". At one of the end of the Counter-Jihad spectrum, there are those (Act! for America being a notable example) who have embraced the delusions of the faux-Muslims and parade them around like the answer to our problems with Jihad. On the other end, there are those, like my good friend Christopher Logan, who would be happy to never again hear another mention of any of the faux-Muslims.

Personally, I fall in the spectrum pretty close to Christopher Logan. It's clear to me that the Jassers and Fatahs of the world are very conflicted, highly confused, and suffering from serious denial. And I believe it's dangerous to present them as the face of "Muslims in America" because they simply don't represent the Islam described in the Qur'an and Hadith. They bear no resemblance to the example set by their so-called "prophet". And the Muslim world has millions and millions more Islamists, Jihadists, and Jihad-enabling "moderates" than it does delusional apostate-Muslims like Jasser. 

For the reasons outlined above, I am highly intolerant and critical of the leadership at "Act! For Muslims" and their ludicrous campaigns designed to offer up fake Islam as the remedy to Islamization in America. On the other hand, I've also figured out that some people have been so indoctrinated, particularly those on the left, that nothing I say or type is capable of breaking through the psychological conditioning. I have found the faux-Muslims can sometimes serve as useful tools for partially mitigating the effects of the Islamo-brainwash among the intellectually impaired. In that regard, I have no problems posting what the faux-Muslims say. As far as I am concerned, the sin isn't in bringing attention to the faux-Muslim mental illness. The sin is regurgitating fables about the faux-Muslims being the answer to global Jihad and representative of "true Islam". 



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