Joel Barker's T.I.P.S. Tracking - A Strategic Exploration Tool
T.I.P.S. Tracking is a powerful strategic exploration tool that encourages individuals and organizations to manage key information on trends, innovations, and paradigm shifts. It idevelops on three key skills: Focus - Organize - Interrogate
At Last, New York City Is Considering Minimum Pay Rules For Uber Drivers
We are concerned about the unintended consequences of implementing the findings in this report and believe many of the assumptions made about our industry are over-simplified to the point of flawed.”
The Future of Business:  Harvesting Possibilities
We are seeing a “possibility explosion” from exponential science and technology developments. Not only that, we are seeing the potential of the combinational impact of technologies that are being developed in tandem, e.g. artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. What we know about these technol...
Work and Technology in 2050: Culture Focus
Participants formed five thematic groups—Business and Labor, Science and Technology, Education, Government, and Culture. Each group explored how work and technology issues might be affected by developments in these areas between now and 2050.
An Invisible Rating System At Your Favorite Chain Restaurant Is Costing Your Server
In data-hungry, tech-happy chain restaurants, customers are rating their servers using tabletop tablets, not realizing those ratings can put jobs at risk.