If you want to lose weight fast, first thing is to go to watch my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=492m4LARJtc  all the way to the end, because the 2 weight reducing principles are something that you must integrate into your lifestyle.
To really be able to drop 5 pounds in a week all the other tips are a must as well. The diet plan that goes along and the 2 workouts that you are taught in fat loss video, will create such a huge change in your body that everything will be so much ore smoother and you will lose weight so much faster that you have imagined before.
So, to lose 10 pounds over the next eek, you will really have to work for it, and that’s why I only suggest going for losing 5 pounds of fat over the next 7 days, because it is easier to accomplish and once you see that you made it, you will be so happy that nothing will stop you from losing even more weight and walking only in your bikinis for the summer.