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"What is a Mobile Makerspace?


A Mobile Makerspace is a BUS, VAN, RV, or a TRAILER packed full of educational toys such as 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D scanners, doodle bots, small robots, alternative energy toys, simple crafts, and so much more! It is about giving EVERYONE of ALL AGES and ALL walks of life the opportunity to get their hands into cool technology and learn about it first hand.


Schools, care centers, community centers, and libraries often can not afford and do not have the space to house the educational equipment that a Mobile Makerspace can. A Mobile Makerspace is built and maintained by Makers, keeping expenses low. This includes building most of the equipment used to teach and learn. Part of the learning experience is to learn how to and to demonstrate how you can build and reproduce these types of tools for yourself at a very low cost.


This project has been started in Vancouver, BC, Canada"

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