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Which is the main purpose of “experience economy”? The most important result of this new way of branding is that the customer’s emotions and senses are influenced. the customers are involved and actively participate into this new type of relationship. Through this the customer is invited to make use of all his five senses. the sixth one being represented by the atmosphere, the feelings that are created.


The story telling is considered to be another strategic tool in the branding process, a concrete rhetorical tool. It can be described by the emotional involvement, the experience, the corporate branding and spirit and also the recognition of the products/services. It can be used when products are alike and there is a need for differentiation, and also when the price or the quality of the offers are not enough and there must be something else in order to engage the customer. The storytelling can be a very powerful way to illustrate the value of your products/services.


The words above are from the article.  I like this piece because it hooks the significant of storytelling and branding into our present-day experience economy. We know stories capture listener's imaginations.  Stories also provide listeners with an experience.  So read this article for more insights around creating effective business stories.


Thanks Gregg Morris for this article!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz