Visualization Trends from the Inaugural 'Information is Beautiful' Awards | timms brand design |
David McCandless, founder of popular data visualization website Information is Beautiful, has decided to divvy out a $30,000 cash money dollar pot to the winners of the inaugural Information is Beautiful awards.

The awards provide a great idea of how the world of visualization is evolving. Writes McCandless: “…with much toil and heartache, we managed to boil down each of the six categories to a shortlist of the best, most representative, most emblematic and most excellent work.”


The categories are:

-Data visualization – A singular visualisation of data or information.
-Infographic – Using multiple data visualisations in service to a theme or story
-Interactive visualization – Any viz where you can dynamically filter or explore the data.
-Data journalism – A combination of text and visualizations in a journalistic format.
-Motion infographic – Moving and animated visualizations along a theme or story.
-Tool or website – Online tools & apps to aid datavizzing.


Visit the complete article for more about these categories, as well as links to the shortlisted projects and visualizations...

Via Lauren Moss, mojo3