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Doing good is increasingly the right thing to do and that is the good news. The bad news is many companies are jumping off the "cause marketing" ledge like so many lemmings. 

This new website explains how to embed cause marketing into design, sales and marketing in order to enrich all.  

Steal emotional storytelling tips from these top 10 charities ($ is expenses and use as a model gauge):  


1. American Red Cross $3,329,153,7072
2. Feeding America $1,559,486,3353
3. Smithsonian Instiute $1,101,404,2234
4. World Vision $1,078,549,1555
5. Dana-Faber Cancer Institute $965,097,7186
6. Food For The Poor $950,853,3607
7. American Cancer Society $943,813,2978
8. City of Hope $898,752,8669
9. St. Jude $896,335,00610
10. Nature Convervancy $756,406

Via Martin (Marty) Smith