Los Angeles, CA 26TH July, 2014 - Contentwritingservice.net, a leading and highly rated content writing service provider has confirmed that it is in talks with some of the leading call center service providers in the market to procure an additional call center. The company says that the move will play an important role in promoting increased efficiency in its customer support desk. In the long run, the content writer is confident that with an additional call center it will be in a great position to serve its customers faster and even easily.

If indeed the procurement is completed Contentwritingservice.net will become the only seo content writing service provider in the market with a huge customer support capacity. Experts in the sector note that the move will prove very influential in helping the writer maintain its current market share or perhaps even increase it. Contentwritingservice.net is confident that the talks will be fruitful and is looking to complete the acquisition of the new call center by the end of this month.

The company has also said that it will continue to set in place such strategies all designed to ensure its blog content writing services remain easily accessible and reliable. Once the call center is operational, Contentwritingservice.net has said it will officially launch it. The content writing firm earlier this year confirmed that expanding its customer support capacity was one of its biggest priorities for 2014 and so far, it seems the provider is leaving to chance in its pursuit to deliver a capable and efficient customer support department.

According to many analysts in the content writing service sector the demand for professional writing services has never been this high for the best part of a decade. A lot of emerging online based businesses have been looking up to providers such as Contentwritingservice.net for the best content and as such, the need to promote greater efficiency in service delivery is a fact known all too well by the company. Contentwritingservice.net has made it clear that the acquisition of an additional call center will simply mark the start of a momentous overhaul of its entire support desk in a move the writer says will include increased personnel, equipment and also extra training.

Analysts say that the anticipated acquisition of the new call center is a glaring example of the dedication and commitment Contentwritingservice.net has continued to show in the provision of reliable web content writing service. For more information on how you can work with the provider please feel free to get in touch with its team through support@contentwritingservice.net today.

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