I hope the person I stole this from doesn't mind but I thought it was very interesting. - "ALL of the ID doctors I have worked with are well aware of Lyme and its havoc. ALL OF THEM KNOW HOW BAD IT IS! Recently while having lunch with my favorite ID doc, he told me that he cannot afford to treat Lyme patients. We take too much time and the system will go belly -up with all the costs involved. Insurance will come in and harass him, Medicare/ Medicaid will not pay and put guys like him out of business by not complying with the CDC. He said in his opinion, we should be glad the resources are still available to treat with for now. As more and more are diagnosed, the system will strain with the cost and availability of meds. He also uses repellents on his kids, and his wife checks daily for ticks as he is aware of how bad Lyme really is. He also thinks that this epidemic is going to change the face of the world much like aids did only this will kill animals and humans alike. He truly believes infectious vector-borne disease will be the downfall of the whole healthcare system. For now, money is the limiting factor. The insurance companies/corps have it and Lyme patients do not. Just some of his honest thoughts. He knows how bad Lyme is...he also believes MS, ALS, Alzheimers etc. are caused by infectious disease."

Via Donna MacPherson Lugar