The State of OpenCourseWare [Infografía] OCW/ MIT | Tic y Formación. |
OpenCourseWare is revolutionizing higher education as we know it. We illustrate this movement to show you how it got started and where it is going. Share this infographic to support and promote the future of this game-changing education movement. 


Great infographic! I'd like to add a few points:
(1) OCW is much bigger than MIT. The infographic lists only the number of courses published by MIT (2080), but one of the biggest successes for MIT OCW is that it helped start a movement. More than 10,000 courses have been published by members of the OpenCourseWare Consortium in the last 10 years.

(2) OCW is becoming more international. While many of the flagship brands are still institutions in the US or Europe, some of the most innovative and scalable work happens elsewhere. FGV in Brazil issued over 1 Million certificates of completion to users of its OCW. And there is a portal in China that hosts translated OCW and gets more traffic than the original materials in English.

(3) MITx is mentioned briefly, but it's worth stressing its disruptive potential. Examples by others (Stanford's AI course, etc.) have shown that there is demand for learning around open educational resources and OCW, but no institutions has committed itself to making education available to all. MITx could create a new model for open higher education that leverages the strengths of the university community rather than try to replace it. (From Holykaw)

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