Don't Be A Power Hog: How Sharing Information, Time, And Authority Makes You A Better Leader | Cogitation Supremacy |

"Being generous can mean sharing your feedback, your knowledge, and your credit with people--but most importantly, it can mean the difference between a good leader and a great one."


Erika Anderson shares her view on how to be a generous leader. It's no suprise that being helpful and open towards others is a powerful way to gain credibility and form effective relationships. While this relates primarily to internal management of a company (or other organization), there are clear lessons to be drawn from it that companies can apply to communications with the external world:


1. Be helpful - offer something of value that allows others (i.e. your audience) to succeed;

2. Be honest - build credibility by being accurate and willing to confront the good and the bad;

3. Be proactive - your audience will need time to absorb and act upon your message.


Show your organization's generosity by keeping these 3 elements in mind when creating thought leadership content.