This works!
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This works!
I can actually use this...
Curated by David Salari
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Rescooped by David Salari from technologies!

Screenleap | Instant Screen Sharing

Screenleap | Instant Screen Sharing | This works! |

ScreenLeap shares a users actual screen in real-time by letting recipients (learners) join a live session.



- go to ScreenLeap and click on “Share my screen”.

- a unique session code will be provided that users can send to anybody.

- once they enter the code on ScreenLeap, they can join the session and see exactly what you are seeing or doing on your computer.


The best part about ScreenLeap...

- no software to download,

- no extensions to install and

- no signups to do.


All that's required is a browser (Firefox works well) with updated Java plugin.


This  allows ScreenLeap to be used on computers, tablets, smartphones and any other device with a web browsing capability.


P.S. Learners can share their screens with assessors :-)

Via John Dalziel
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Scooped by David Salari!

How to Dream Longer: How to Stay in the Dream as Long as You Want!

How to Dream Longer: How to Stay in the Dream as Long as You Want! | This works! |
Now that I've given you some tips on how to remember your dreams and how to know if you're dreaming, you're starting to get a grasp of the basic skills needed for lucid dreaming.
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