Five ways to cope with a disappointing defeat | this curious life |
England have yet again slumped out of a tournament at the quarter final stage on penalties.


But what's the best way to deal with such disappointments?  Following England's latest defeat in a major tournament on penalties..............


'England fans can get annoyed by a coaching structure and culture of footballthat has apparently left the national team without players who competentlypass the ball.'


Strong stuff!!


Philosophy provides clues as to how sportsmen and women and fans alike can cope rationally with such losses:


'............gaining a sense of perspective after a loss is something sportprofessionals have to do.'


Gaining perspective therefore requires a philosophical attitude:


'..........The Oxford English Dictionary gives one of the meanings of"philosophical" as "characterised by uncomplaining acceptance of adversecircumstances; wise, calm, stoical".'


Unfortunately, these are not characteristics usually associated with fan(atic)s of anything.  Certainly not England football fans and perhaps, most tellingly, not many England football players.