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The Each Uisge, is a name for the Highland supernatural water horse, supposedly the most dangerous of the Scottish water dwelling creatures.


It is perhaps the fiercest and most dangerous of all water-horses, although the Cabyll Ushtey runs it close.


It differs from the Kelpie in haunting the sea and lochs, while the Kelpie belongs to running water.


It seems also to transform itself more readily.


Its most usual form is that of a sleek and handsome horse, which almost offers itself to be ridden, but if anyone is so rash as to mount it, he is carried at headlong speed into the lake and devoured.


Only his liver is rejected, and floats to shore.


It is said that its skin is adhesive, and the rider cannot tear himself off it.


It also appears sometimes as a gigantic bird and sometimes as a handsome young man.







Compare with the Kelpie: