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9 Best Practices for Pitching Mommy Bloggers

9 Best Practices for Pitching Mommy Bloggers | therapy and life stories |
A funny thing happened to me.Sometime during the last two years, between working full time in PR at InkHouse and raising a family, I became a Mommy blogger. At first it was just a hobby, but I

Via Danielle M. Villegas
Danielle M. Villegas's curator insight, May 14, 2014 1:26 PM

While I am a "Mommy blogger" of sorts (I am TechCommGeek MOM, after all), I would not call myself a dedicated Mommy blogger, but rather I think of myself as a tech comm blogger who has some parental issues and advice now and then. 


Even so, this is an interesting article that is worth reading, even if you are not a Mommy or Daddy blogger. Read some of the recommendations. These could easily be applied to your "baby"--your product or service.  There are some worthwhile ideas in here. 


Go read this, because your TechCommGeekMom told you to do it. 


Terri P's curator insight, June 13, 2014 12:42 PM

really excellent article for new bloggers. Good information on how to find appropriate audience for your blog.

Scooped by Jacqueline Daloze!

The power of story telling

This program was first shown on the Aged Care Channel in November 2013. 30 minutes running time. We would like to thank Arnold Zable, the residents, families...
Jacqueline Daloze's insight:

La puissance du récit de vie dans le travail avec les personnes âgées. 

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